http://i.imgur.com/qhKNSJv.png http://i.imgur.com/6Z5c4eX.png

Holy shit, YEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!

Porsches, and the American Nurburgring are coming!!!!!!!!! :smiley: :smile: :wink:


  • And,.... I'm spent.
  • I can only be so erect!
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    Interesting. Where'd you find the info Pop?

    A little more info: http://attackofthefanboy.com/news/amazon-leaks-porsche-dlc-expansion-for-forza-6/

    and a little bit from VIR's website including the track maps:
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    Lap of V.I.R. Full
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    Info founf in the forza section of a site called reddit. Maybe you've heard of it?
  • Somebody at Amazon jumped the gun.
  • Raced VIR in iRacing,.....this is gonna be a ton of fun.

    I hope they do the old version with the tree,..... But they won't.
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    That would be epic if they re-created the oak tree!!

    I hope they leave the track as skinny as it should be too, no artificial widening.
  • Elevation changes, the essses, the configs,.....so awesome.
  • Porsche? I might have to pickup this, 4tzuh game.
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    I approve of 4tzuh.
  • More Porsche hype:

  • And the hype continues
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    It's HERE!!!
  • Interesting list. Some notable cars are missing, and there are a lot more SUVs than I would like, but I'm sure I'll be test driving Porsches this evening.
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    No 993 GT2 = disappointed.
  • Agreed! Also where's this?

  • one air cooled 911. 82 turbo. weak sauce.

    But VIR.
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    So far, loving the low end Porsches.
    The calculator works great.
    I slapped a tune on a missile spec 911 GT 4.0 RS and it handled great.
    The 930 is going to be fun to tweak and tune too.
    I need more wheel time at VIR, but it feels good. My iRacing experience has paid off a little and Forza does feel a touch wider/easier but it's still a great track.
    The time on VIR is all left on the crests, and blind apex setups.
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    Sweet mother of.....
    So, I've been totally distracted from Forza by Black Desert Online, and I haven't taken the time to try any of the VIR variant tracks, until today.

    Holy crap.

    The Patriot short course is epic.
    It's tight, narrow, hilly, and tricky, and driven mostly in second gear with my 82' 911.
    Dreamer has a wicked quick time that's going to tough to catch.

    Grand East/West really do make VIR feel like an American mini-Nordschliefe.

    On the main course, it took me 20 laps of careful hot lapping to finally beat Reno in his 911(C class). I left another .5 second on the track though, so we should be in the 2:10's soon.

    I'm really loving this track.
    It's got some long assed straights, some seriously butt puckering corners, some tight and twisty low speed trickery, and wonderful elevation hidden cornering features.

    Dreamer- B- class Caymen.
    Stock tires, no aero. Tune for power.
    Starting psi 28
    Ignore 7th gear
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