EXOR Hot Laps

Thought I'd give this a throw and see if it sticks to the ceiling...

EXOR Hot Laps - 1 week events with spec. cars and tracks. Post a screenshot of your time and I'll add it to the board. Tuning is allowed (there often won't be much to tune however, as these cars will not be built up).

As incentive for folks to post times, at the end of each week one person from the leaderboard will be chosen at random to choose the next week's car and track. Any car (in stock form), and any track may be chosen. This will be a pooled random selection, meaning that after you are selected, your name will be out of the pool until everyone within the pool has been selected. The pool will then be reset.

Week 1 - Chevy Camaro '02 [C|481] @ COTA West

1.) EXOR Serial__________1:49.449
2.) BSRPistolpig_________1:49.606
3.) RenoWrench_________1:50.152
4.) EXOR Popolac________1:50.600
5.) LickwidApex_________1:52.821
6.) NilreteP______________1:53.423
7.) EXOR Metal Burn_____1:54.831
8.) EXOR JsunRocker_____1:55.595
9.) EXOR IMADreamer____1:56.725
10.) MagicButtCrustYo____1:58.444 (I can't help myself with your name, it's too easy)
11.) BiscuitNGravy9_______2:03.180

People in the Random Selection Pool:

EXOR JsunRocker
EXOR Metal Burn
EXOR Serial

People out of the Random Selection Pool:

EXOR Popolac


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    Thanks Reno, I can edit posts now. Although it says I only have 1 month to edit. =P
  • That's because you're a menace! :-)

    I'll look into it.
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    I'll run one when I get home tonight!
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    BTW I also saw that Metal ran a time, and saved a screenshot to Upload...I think it was around a 1:54.xxx. Maybe he'll post it in here...
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    Correctomundo, Serial. I just sniped Metal's time from his uploaded photo because I'm an xbox.com creeper now I guess. =D
  • So, I could totally build a nerd spreadsheet and form in Google docs to track this. At least that way you wouldn't have to go and manually edit the OP.

    On a related note, I'm working on getting a couple of static HTMl pieces setup on the forum that should let me display google docs and other things to make event results a lot nicer to deal with. Hopefully I can get it figured out next week.
  • I did it in 2:03.553
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    Gravy sent me the verification too...posting an image is a little more difficult lol
  • Leader board needs to be updated
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    Yeah I'm not sure how often Pop gets on here to update.
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    That's a good lap pistol...that thing is no joke to drive around on that track.....cool track too, I'm glad Pop used this track so I had an excuse to learn it!
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  • 2:03.180 still having trouble posting pic from my phone.
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    I can't see your image Reno. Nice improvement Gravy! Have you run it in Rivals mode so you can see the ghost?
  • Thanks Serial, I've had laps where I've been way faster at the start, and others way faster at the end, and others way faster through the middle, but combining them all into 1 lap is another thing. I reckon a 1:50 is within my grasp if I do enough laps. Which means you, reno and pop should really be down in the 1:48s or thereabouts by my reckoning :-D
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    photo COTAWestLeaderC3.png
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    There has to be an easier way to post pictures on here....I uploaded a screenshot on the Xbox...I ran a 1:49.449.
  • A couple of things about posting pictures.

    Attachments are currently turned off for a few reasons. Mostly due to load speeds and server space. So that means that any pictures, videos etc. are hotlinked from their source that it offsite.

    The other thing is that up until just recently you could directly link from OneDrive pretty easily. Since you can save an image to OneDrive from the XOne that was a great solution. Images load quickly and bandwidth isn't an issue.

    Recently, OneDrive and Google have changed their architecture and they now use what look like variable urls for images. I don't know the reasons behind this but it makes it really difficult to get those images onto a forum.

    In the mean time any static or permalinked image works just fine (imgur, tinypic, photobucket, flickr etc.) and even the forza gallery on forzamotorsports.net works (albeit with some slow load times).

    I'm working on a solution that might be easier. Hopefully, I can figure out a consistent way to link images directly from OneDrive or maybe Upload Studio.
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    Thanks for the clarification Reno...if you need any help let me know, Al Gore and I go way back.
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    Updated as of 2:45cst 10/18

    ***Added a paragraph about random pool selection*** (See OP)
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    1:49.606. Will bother to post pic if I ever get ahead of bloody Serial again.... ;-)
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    Updated as of 11:46pm cst 10/18
  • COTA WEST 1.58.444
  • You're just chopping that time off MagicBacrusto!
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    Nilretep told me earlier he has a 1:57 now...he also said he actually ran a dirty 1:54, and knows he can run a clean one. I haven't convinced him to get on here yet though haha.
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    Updated as of 1:18pm CST 10/19
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