Crash Test Dummies Needed

I'm currently working on a spec/tune series.

This weekend the world series of late model stock car racing is happening 20 miles away from me. So I devised the I-G LMS race car.

'88 Monte Carlo

B 574
Power : 396
Torque : 401
Weight : 3159

Preliminary build and tunes are on the storefront. There are high and low downforce builds. They will be locked but it's a start.


Sport Fuel
Race exhaust
Sport cam
Race oil and cooling

Race Brakes
Race Suspension
Race ARBs F&R
Race cage
Sport weight redux

Race Clutch
Sport trans
Race Driveshaft
Race Diff

Race Slick
Front Width : 245/55/15
Rear Width : 255/55/15
Wheel style : American Racing Outlaw II (First wheel in third category) or comparable weight

Front and Rear adjustable.

Indy oval
Daytona Oval
Sonoma Short
Watkins Glen short
Sebring Short
Road Atlanta
And a possible COTA probably west.

It feels decent. I just want feedback to see if I need to make some adjustments to the build. Like more rear tire and/or a move to 16" wheels. I have Rival times set on some of these tracks, probably all by the time anyone reads this.

I will try to get up some lobbies in the coming days for group testing. And then random asshattery will follow.

Also, please try the tune. I'm setting up my Blooze WB sheets for FM6 and would like to know if it works for any others.


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    I had a chance to test these out last night. They were both very manageable to me, should make for a fun event!
  • So will tuning be open or locked? I'll have to run these in the next day or two and check them out.
  • They seem alright, Metal :-)
  • Bumping for the updated build.
  • They are full race. So full tuning functions. But the build is locked.
  • I just posted two builds one high DF and one low so anyone can buy in a car and DL a tune in a room if we do some testing/randomness.
  • Just noticed I forgot a big part of the build. LS Swap then engine parts.

  • I just assumed, since basically every car in the game should be getting an LS swap.
  • Will build and try.
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