Photo Thread for Forza 6


And I obviously need to figure out how to work around the new logo placement.



  • Looking good Pistol! For some reason my links are now broken. Then worked fine last night. I'll have to research it.

    Are you sharing directly from your Forza Gallery?
  • Yes I am. Btw, your pics still look perfect on my end :-)
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    I wonder if the Forza Gallery links will stay live? I know the old ones did not. I'm also not convinced that their server is worth anything. That site is always really slow for me.

    I'm hosting my images directly out of my One Drive account. I'm hoping that there is some sweet integration with the One after the next Windows 10 update.



  • 800+hp burnout

  • Looking good! That FF7 Charger looks pretty badass. Ridiculous but badass none the less.

    I will say that linking directly to the Forza gallery is pretty slow. I'm going to research that a little bit. My photos are linked directly from my one drive, again not sure it's the best solution, but it does make the images load faster.
  • The charger is my fun wet weather car. It has no windshield wipers, so its a wild ride.
  • Ps. When I uploaded my photos everything was smooth and fast. I didn't have any issues at all
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    It's not the uploading that's slow it's when someone views the thread, the linked images are a pretty slow to display. I suspect it's mostly because the Forza site is not that speedy.

    No reason you can't do it that way though.
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    Seriously? I'm selling my pre-order!!

  • Dude no way that's a classic!
  • Keeping it photo GTS.jpgsimple.

    photo f355.jpg
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    The 'Ring wagon. I think it's posted a top 10 time on the leaderboard in E class full circuit Nurburgring at night. :-)

  • I can't see it, Reno (although you better believe I know what it bloody looks like, grrrrr)
  • I too know it. The headlights are very dim. he he he
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  • Looks good Phantom.
  • Thanks Reno. " 'tis better to look good, than to drive good da'ling" ;-)

    Rear wing as been corrected to the stock style for the Group A build since this was taken.
  • photo camaro.jpg

    If there's something wrong with burnouts there's something wrong with you!
  • Great Pic, Dreamer, and usually I'd agree with you, but of late I've been constantly woken up at 2-3am every morning by people doing them right outside my window....
  • image

    Just taking a page from Phantom's playbook and making sure I look good.
  • I'll try my best to be there... sadly I have turned no laps at Rio.
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