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Post your best tunes here to help out the non tuners.


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    Caterham R500

    I found it to be way too over sprung and damped with base tune. Add in the fact that most career races in it are on the bumpy British tracks adds to the disaster.

    This tune calms it down significantly. But you still can steer with the throttle. So it may be a bit loose for the peeps without good throttle control.

    Also, This a symmetric tune so all I'm posting is F/R values.

    F = 1.48
    R = 1.42

    Brake Press

    Brake bias
    65% Front

    Steering ratio
    16.8 Personal choice


    F = -2.7
    R = -0.7

    F = 0.0

    Ride Height
    F = 100mm
    R = 125mm

    Spring rate
    F = 28
    R = 20

    Sway bar
    F = 40
    R = 13

    bump stops at 20 all

    F Slow Bump = 4200
    R Slow bump = 3400
    F Fast Bump = 2300
    R Fast Bump = 1900

    F Slow Rebound = 4400
    R Slow Rebound = 3600
    F Fast Rebound = 2000
    R Fast Rebound = 1600

    Limited Slip
    Accel = 20
    Decel = 20
    Pre = 20

    And I'm personally running a brake mapping of 7
  • Interesting, I haven't really run that car before.
  • for all you tuners out there, some quick notes on the tire compounds pulled from the PCars forum:
    UHP = Ultra High Performance = P Zero = really really good sports tyre for summer. Think real life Michelin Pilot Sport or Pirelli P Zero. (EDIT: I originally wrote "P Zero Corsa" here, when I obviously meant P Zero!)

    XR = Extreme = P Zero Corsa = super good sports tyre for summer, essentially a semi-slick. Still road legal, but you'd probably rather leave them for the track, if only for the wear and cost of getting a new set. Think real life P Zero Corsa or Michelin Pilot Sport Cup (2 particularly, which bumped up the performance a LOT compared to previous ones).

    Track = P Zero Trofeo = semi-slick intended purely for track use. Might be legal on the roads somewhere in the world. Best grip. (EDIT: Though they aren't as user friendly as the others. They're much more twitchy when cold and feel quite different when warm as well, but I've always easily gotten my fastest laps with these, and they also measure the highest cornering G forces. If the car is soft enough they can also upset the suspension, throwing the body around too much. These tyres require the car to be set up for track use, a street setup doesn't like these tyres that much.)
  • A pretty interesting website with tunes for all the cars. It looks like most tunes have notes attached as to what kind of setup they're running.

  • Nice... perfect timing for me as I am getting ready to branch out a little finally.
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