Pcars now free with GWG.

There's also a decent amount of free dlc, here's a link to the cars, there's also some livery packs.



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    And here's a suggested controller settings post, if anyone needs it..

  • I keep meaning to revisit Pcars I just haven't got around to it. There are a few things it does really well.
  • I was wondering if you guys played pcars since its not on the ig games we play list. Im dl'ing to try it out later.
  • Ok i see why you guys dont play pcars now. The controller has a VERY different feel vs forza almost to the point of vague and unplayable.

    The wheel though is un by god believeable in this game. It reminds me of need for speed shift 2 only with better graphics and feel. You can literally feel the road through the wheel so much better in this game. A single lap around watkins glen short vs fm6 is mind blowing different.

    I can see myself playing the shit out of pcars.
  • I've heard that about the wheel in that game. With some tuning you could definitely get a hand on the cars. There were a lot of other bugs initially so that didn't help.
  • OK PCARS is officially awesome to me.

    After I was playing around with fm6 rwd cars for next Wed time attack, I decided to swap over and play the same tracks to do a comparison.

    This game is unbelievably different. It has a 'feel' to it like iRacing, granted its been 10 years since I ran the beta in iRacing but the control and tuning you can actually feel the difference in the cars with every tweak. I also like the fact you dont have to turn all the vehicles assists off to actually have a pure time, where forza if you run tcm or autoclutch you automatically suffer a penalty because the car isnt as fast as a non assisted one.

    The track actually changes as the race continues too, weather, temp and other factors change the surface making the car react different depending on even the time of day.

    I was able to run a gt3 RUF and within 10 laps came within 3 seconds of the world leader on Barcelona. I know 3 seconds is a lot but at the same time it is me driving it and I know i could shave an easy second off that after investing tweak time into the setup.

    Forza has it killed on car selection, upgrades, custom liveries, etc.... but pcars has forza killed on simulation style racing. Two different games and thats a great thing, but for a more sim style experience there is no comparison.

    While searching for setup explanation help, I did read if you run a controller dont be against running a lower difficulty to keep the car on track easier. Its not supposed to effect lap times either by running easier settings.... didnt test that out, but I can say with the wheel auto clutch and tcm didnt change lap times on a gt3 car.
  • On a one-to-one comparison I agree with you about PCars feeling better than FM and similar to iRacing.
    On the controller it took us weeks to finally figure out the sliders to get a car manageable.
    The problems arose from changing cars.
    There were inconsistencies in control from one car to the next.
    Some tracks had surface glitches which could vault a car skywards no matter the tuning.
    There were just too many little BS interferences that made the game cumbersome and unfun.

    Wheel users only experienced half these issues,.... and many of them have been patched over time.

    We shall see if they have unrushed PC2.
  • I think for me a properly setup car in Pcars is more visceral, for lack of a better description. I recall the GT3 cars being pretty decent. It does have a bit of forza with sim steering feel to it though. It's very difficult to collect the car once you've lost grip, at least with a controller.
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    Pcars did one thing especially well. It never felt clinical, which is one of the bigger beefs I have with Forza. I dunno if I spend any time with it, but I at least have the content if that particular itch needs scratching..
  • DLd PC and ran some laps this morning.

    It's better....but even after playing with the controller sensitivities it's still inconsistently unmanageable at a variety of speeds.
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