Battlefield 1 - Release

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This is not a review,..... yet.
I'm just sharing my experience so far.

Preface- crappy week at work, have to work on Saturday morning, not in a great mood.

Started DL of game during the day, got home, game only 50% loaded.

Started single player campaign. Impressive cinematic intro.

Started "Tanker" scenario.
Again, impressive cinematically, good story, solid mechanics.

However, a few things bugged me.
- Endless mindless AI spawn while you park on the flag, even then, flag cap process is slow and felt canned.
- Enemy AT guns and AT greanades everywhere, not difficult, just unrealistic.
- AI glitching through ground, walls, etc.
- X-ray vision AI targeting despite cover and concealment.
- The whole "escortthetankfromtheoutside" scenario felt canned, overly linear, poorly designed. The friendly AI was dumb, and the level progression triggers made no sense.
Nobody "sneaks" a tank anywhere.
Total loss of immersion for me, very frustrating.

- Silenced Sniper in the windmills.
Not sure if accuracy issue, hit box issue, or what. Some shots would one shot kill, some troops would take 4 rounds to center mass to drop, and that while they would walk around like idiots. Unrealistic. Poor gameplay.

- Standard Sniper rifle, same scenario.
Instant AI aggression and more x-ray vision and targeting BS.
Relocating does little.
Unrealistic. Frustrating.

- Worse of all. This scenario throughout I experienced MASSIVE amounts of audio glitching, and controller lag/stutter. Maybe due to background DLing, maybe DDOS crap, who knows.
Totally unplayable. Frustrating. Not fun.

That said. This is not a review.

I had a bad day, and the game was still DLing in the background.
Just sharing my initial experiences.


  • I had some of those issues when I played the other night but I chalked it up more to me sucking at that kind of game than anything. Hard to claim a hit box issue when you can rarely be on target in the first place. :)

    I will say the graphics are pretty nice, bit of a harsh transition between the cinematics and the actual game play but the guns feel pretty good and the destructible battlefield is really cool.

    The pace seems slower than the other Battlefield games and I like that since I'm horrible at shooters.

    We'll see I'm sure there are going to be plenty of frustrating nights but it also seems like a decent pickup game like Bad Company 2 or World at War.
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