Top Gear 23x01

* Very stilted
* Chris Evans not funny, and constantly very loud in a cringeworthy way
* Matt LeBlanc surprisingly very very good
* Unsurprisingly, Sabine good for the limited few moments she was on.

See how the series pans out, but so far Chris Evans is a pretty big turn off for me.


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    Agreed, not to surprised about Chris Evans. I liked him enough as a guest in previous seasons but as the show host he's got to much his morning radio show persona.

    I think he's kinda like a slightly less douchey version of Howard Stern, maybe?

    LeBlanc is pretty funny. He's also legit and has a number of good cars and is a pretty serious motorcyclist. He's always been good in the interviews I've seen. He seems like a celebrity who's not too keen on being a celebrity, sort of the opposite of the Evans persona on the show.

    I'd be nice if they moved Harris from Top Gear Extra and just had Harris and LeBlanc as the main presenters for Top Gear.

    I guess we'll see, maybe it'll come together a little more as the season progresses.
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