Infinite Garage Touring Car Championship (IGTCC)

Announcing the Infinite Garage Touring Car Championship (IGTCC)

We're going to be racing grocery getters with 36lbs of boost! Front wheel drive and mega grip make these cars super fun without being too much of a handful. Not familiar with touring cars? Here's a quick clip of highlights from the 2015 WTCC series:

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The Cars
We'll be running the Global Touring Cars for this series.

Global Touring Cars
no assists!! (with the exception of auto-clutch)
Click here for the full build spec: Global Touring Cars

Global Touring Car List:
2014 Audi #67RotekRacingS3Saloon S 739
2014 BMW #5EbayMotors125iMSport S 740
2014 Honda #2CastrolHondaCivicWTCC S 738
2014 Honda #5ZengoMotorsportCivicWTCC S 738
2014 Mercedes-Benz #33WIXRacingA-Class S 737
2014 Toyota #11HandyMotorsportAvensis S 733
2014 Toyota #20UnitedAutosportsAvensis S 733
2014 Toyota #80SpeedworksMotorsportAvensis S 733

Please have a livery/race paint on the car. At minimum make sure you have a race number on the right and left side of the car.

For those that are interested you can search for IGTCC in the vinyl storefront to get the official number plate. Resize it to .08 and place it on the front door of the car on both the left and right sides.


Official test and tune on June 8th at 7pm PST bring a car or two and get some practice in once the first official race occurs you will not be able to change cars.

All races take place at 7pm PST. Lap count and track variant are subject to change up to 24hrs before race time.

Tracks: (Each race night will consist of two heats with the exception of Nurburgring)

  • June 15th | Brands Hatch Indy | 15 laps x2

  • June 22nd | Catalunya National | 10 laps x2

  • June 29th | Yas Marina North (day and night) | 10 laps x2

  • July 6th | Nurburgring full + Nordschleife | 4 laps

  • July 13th | Le Mans Bugatti | 7 laps x2

  • July 20th | Spa | 5 laps x 2M

  • July 27th | VIR Full | 6 laps x2

  • August 3rd | Rio Full | 5 laps then 5 laps R

Any track that has a rain variant will have a chance of rain on race day.

Races will start at 7pm PST please make sure you're there on time out of respect to our East Coast members.

On race night the lobby will have restrictions set to reflect the series car specs. Please ensure that you're car build is legal before joining the lobby on race night.

Driving and visual aids are forced off (with the exception of auto-clutch). These include ABS, TCS, STM and the braking line.

The end timer will be set to ensure that all racers have a chance to finish.

Races will have be set to have a rolling start and the grid order will be random. Fuel and tire damage will be turned on. The July 6th round at the Nurburgring will be set to require one quickstop.

Points pay out down to 20th place.

1st - 25
2nd - 22
3rd - 20
4th - 18
5th - 16
6th - 15
20th - 1

There will also be one bonus point awarded for both the fastest certified and uncertified lap times.

Please review the Rules of Clean Racing. While not everything is relevant to Forza, it provides a good basis for courteous and clean racing.

Remember, the race isn't won in the first corner! That being said, sometimes things happen and restart may be called if there are a significant number of cars involved in a first lap incident.

Click the link below for the results spreadsheet.
Coming soon!

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Post any questions and comments in the thread below.


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    These cars a re more fun than I thought theyd be.
    Well matched too.

    I'm test tuning the Merc, Audi, and Toyota.
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    I was surprised myself. They're kinda weird. They definitely don't feel like S class cars. They feel faster and slower than you would expect for lack of a better description.
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    I'll be around doing some random forzacating this evening and there will likely be some IGTCC testing.
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    Gonna run my cars on the test tracks this weekend.

    I dialed my Audi in on Rio full at 1:28
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    Nice! I still haven't really found a car that is dramatically faster than the others. The Mercedes might have a little bit of a top end advantage but that could also just be down to gearing.

    I suspect the Honda will need some gearbox tuning that is more than just a final drive adjustment.

    Right now I suspect I'm quickest in the BMW and that's probably because I'm just more familiar with RWD.
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    The BMW has roadside service and a sweet trunk phone too.
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    Testing complete, times submitted.

    I took my two best times for each car/track combo, and rounded them to the nearest .5 seconds.
    After tuning shake-down, and tweaking, especially in gearing I ran...
    6 hot laps for each on Spa
    8 hot laps for each on Brands Indy

    I extensively tuned and ran the Audi intially to set a best target time.
    I then ran all the other cars, tweaking as needed, to meet or exceed the Audi's times.
    I then retweaked the Audi with what I had learned and tried to beat its own times.

    ONE tune set times for both tracks for each car. I didn't do track specific tuning.

    Brands Indy - EVERY car managed to churn out a 50 second lap or two, usually around lap 4.
    All bests fell right in between 50.3~50.7

    Spa - The initial Audi tune cranked out a 2:36.x
    The Honda, once finally tweaked right, blasted out a 2:34.4
    The Toyota eventually matched it with a 2:34.8
    The RWD BMW made me work for a 2:35.x, but I left it on the track for sure.

    After considering what i'd learned from building and tweaking the other cars, and having the game rank my Audi as the better performer in the garage despite it having the lowest speed rating(5.7), I rebuilt the Audi.
    On Spa it blasted out a 2:33, but it was a very aggressive/fun run which just came together beautifully. Needless to say it too is a 2:34 Spa lapper.

    The first Audi - Almost stock build, baseline tune, wide tires, heavy downforce.
    Piggish, slow, heavy understeer no matter throttle position.
    The REBUILT Audi - Light aero, turbo rebuild, more speed, sacrifices grip for technique.
    After the bebuild, and a careful gearing retune to match the torque pull, it became the car I wanted it to be.

    The Merc - Middle of the pack, runs fast, feels good, looks good.
    The torque feels nice, it squirts and scoots better than the Toyota.
    Custom tweaked on Rio for fun.
    It was my second favorite until...

    The Honda - I don't know why you guys thought this was underpowered, its a total beast. The problem is the factory gearing is for stump pulling, absolute garbage.
    I spent over a dozen laps on VIR just honing the gearbox.
    It also pushed me to use more aggressive alignments to keep it locked on.
    Once I got it sorted it screamed louder than a barely legal lesbian schoolgirl oil orgy, and was just about as tight.

    The Toyota - Good sound, solid initial feel.
    Easy to build, easy to tune, ran well.
    It feels the lowest power, but it also felt the easiest to drive hard and safe.
    Looks cool, but boring? It's racing with a Camry, complete with groceries.
    May just need a rebuild, or more stickers, or less groceries...

    The BMW - The black sheep of the family. The drive axle is at the wrong end of the car.
    Second heaviest, second most power. Most balanced chassis.
    Spent a bit of time tuning and tweaking first, multiple other tracks, getting it to feel right. Built it with a a nice stable ass end, which may be scrubbing some of the speed it needs for Spa. May drop the aero down from 180/270 to 180/250 and see if that frees up some seconds.
    I didn't originally like its funky look, but spent most of my saturday throwing obnoxious graphics at it. I think it came out looking fantastic.
    The most uniform tire wear of the bunch, for obvious reasons.
    This car for me, not so fast as the others. For you, tame the RWD, and I think its got the most potential.

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    Updated aero helps BMW scrub another second from Spa, without making Brands any worse.
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    I ran a few laps late last night. It looks like they're all pretty close. I can get each of them into the 49s at Brands Hatch Indy and they're all in the 2:34s at Spa (though I suspect that will come down with a little tuning/track knowledge).

    I'll work on a number plate and start to get the details finalized.

    On another topic, it's kinda funny, the two Hondas have different torque numbers but as far as I can tell they're the same car.
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    One of the Hondas is a special edition/vip/gift isn't it?
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    I have the VIP Honda and a stock one. Both have the same power numbers. Maybe you have the ultra VIP Junior Johnson version. Built in cheats.
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    Can I pull the intake and put some rocket booster fuel on/in there?
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    Now's the time to use that NOS sticker I guess.
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    Shared igtcc tunes for Mercedes and Honda.

    Here are my gearings for those two if you want to try them, tweak for aero if needed.

    3.62 final

    3.90 final
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    I'll be around for some testing tonight. Not sure what time. Feel free to start a room and I'll join up when I hop on LIVE.
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    OP updated with details and link to sign up. Do it!
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    Had a pretty good round of testing last night. Those cars are really really close. I think we had a number of different people on the podium so I'm hopeful that it's going to be a really competitive series.

    I've also shared an official number plate if any one is interest (see image in the OP).
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    First race night tonight.

    Brands Hatch is a balmy 64 degrees F today with an 18% chance of precipitation.

    Random number generator rolled a 94 and a 19 so it looks like dry races this evening.

    See you guys there and good luck!
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    I'll share my tune of the #5 Honda tonight. She's a beast. Ran very well at Spa. There does seem to be a difference between the Hondas more than just the torque.
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    Some bumpy racing last night but that's probably to be expected at such a small track.

    I updated the OP with a link to the results spreadsheet.
  • Is there a way to unlock the number vinyl so I can add my own numbers?
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    Results are up, check the link in the OP.

    A pretty dominant run by Feurdog first place and fast lap for both races. I think the rest of us were busy banging into each other and driving off the track.

    I'll admit that Catalunya has always been one of my bogey tracks.
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    Results are updated, check the link in the OP.

    Some really close racing last night and some really big heartbreaks because of it. Serial and Feuerdog are neck and neck with only 2 points separating them in the championship.

    Hopefully, I can find some time to do a few photos or a video, there was a lot of great action during both races.
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    There's a 10% chance of rain at the Nurburgring today and the random number generator rolled a 52 so it looks like a dry race this evening.
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    Results are up from last nights race. Looks like it's between Serial and Feuerdog for the championship with three races to go!
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    Racing at Spa tonight. Chance of rain is 20% random number generator rolled a 17 and a 50 so it looks like the first race is wet and you'll have a chance to redeem yourself on a dry track for the second race of the evening.

    Good Luck!
  • I think I'm missing some points on the spreadsheet from the Spa race, I did run both races. I think I finished 5th, but I'm not sure...
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    Shhh, I paid Reno to strike half your results from Spa forward.
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    Good catch Captain. I double checked and you're points are all sorted out. See you all at VIR this Wednesday!
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    55 percent rain tonight. What's the numbers?
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