Ultimate Rocket League Challenge

Welcome to the first ever Ultimate Rocket League Challenge! This series of tournaments will be run different from any other competitions you’ve ever seen in Rocket League! Although this will be a competition, the main goal behind this event is to help the new Rocket League players establish a solid baseline set of skills, and to help some of the more experienced players bring their game up to the next level.

Open2nd and I will each field a team of Rocket League players. These players will be coached personally by us over multiple weeks for multiple types of competition. We will run a 1v1, 2v2 and possibly a 3v3 tournament where we pit members of each our teams against each other.
We will set up multiple brackets for the tournaments, and our intention is to host and live cast each and every game!

Open and I will host a live draft where all participating players are picked for one of the two teams. The draft order will be determined by a live 1v1 Competition between Open and I, which will of course be live casted.

We have compiled a list of players below who we think would be a good fit for this competition. If you are not listed but would like to be involved, please speak up! On the other side of that, if you are listed but would like to remove yourself from this event, please let us know and we will remove you.

EXOR Popolac
EXOR JsunRocker
Lumps of Cole
NaStEy SaUcE


  • Sweet! So one question, do I need to own the game Rocket League?
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    I'm fairly certain that would be requirement #1. :)
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    I didn't sign up for this!
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    Alright boys, the draft is set for Monday evening! We will have the 1v1 exhibition event between Open2nd and myself, followed immediately by the player draft. You will able to follow the action live at twitch.tv/bretluke (with possible other simultaneous streams). We plan to start the event at 10:30pm EST (9:30pm Exodus time). We cant wait to get this thing kick started!
  • Nice I'll how to do a little spectating.
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    Draft Day has arrived! We've been running mock drafts all day just for fun...there are a couple of players who keep coming up as the 1st rounders, but the rest of it seems to be up for grabs! It should be an interesting night for sure. We will be live streaming on twitch, and we also have the option of setting up a Hangout video call as well for the live draft. As a last note, we may try and kick things off a little earlier than planned (no earlier than 10pm EST), so make sure to get yourself online early to participate in all of the festivities. See everyone soon!!
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    Also, one last heads up is that the new update for Rocket League has been released today as well...so everyone should be prepared for an extra few minutes of download time beforehand (it's almost 2GB).
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    Live and streaming at Twitch.tv/bretluke as we speak!
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