Dirt Rally Tuning

A seperate thread for sharing setups and tuning tips.
One thing I'm pretty sure of is tuning won't make you faster, but it will make you more confident, which should help with consistency.

- Using elite controller, default profile, no assists, auto-clutch.
- Be sure and check/remove dead zones on your controllers.
- I am currently running all other sensitivities at default.

- Playing in hood view primarily.
- I turned Camera shake totally OFF.
- Drop the brightness setting down a touch if you can. It won't hinder you at night, but it can make daylight winter runs in the snow less blinding.

- The Mini and Fiat 131 both had extremely low and almost useless 1st gears. Consider stretching the final drive pretty tall to make them more effective and add some top end for faster runs.

Contrary to effective balance in Forza but much more realistic, keep your brake balanced more forward. It's more effective and more stable.
Dial your suspension and e-brake for rotation at speed.

- Overall the defaults have not been too bad. But some things can certainly be improved. The fidelity of the tuning is coarse, so even one slider tick can make a difference.

Slight tweaks I've started with......
Soften rear springs to add stability.
Firmed overall damping to add stability.
Loosened diff to reduce throttle oversteer.
Lengthened gearing to help modulate throttle oversteer.

- Toe and Camber
- Spring and Ride height
- Damping
- Spring/Damping ratios/relationships
- Diffs


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    - dropping steering linearity and sensitivity to 35/35
    - keep damping higher than springs
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    Got any tips for the Lancia 037? So far it's easily the hardest to control. I don't know what it is, but it won't track straight, is MASSIVELY oversteery, and is so spungy that some of my quicker controller inputs seem to get lost in the suspension and never make it to the road.

    Take it to Germany, get it to 100+ MPH, and try to take even one #6 turn without spinning, much less head down a straightaway without the car zigzagging like its got 10degrees of positive toe on the front.
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    I just did the daily with it,....spun out three times. VERY loose/sensitive,

    I don't own one yet but....
    -Strong front spring bias
    - Moderately high damping biased slightly rear.
    - Lengthen gearing
    - Keep brake bias about 75% forward

    Advanced tuning- pump rear toe up for stability.
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    I own one, might use it to dig into and start understanding how the tuning goes in this game.
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    Damn, FD, you crushed me by 30 seconds in the 037 daily. I was looking on racegame.com at the event leaderboards and checking out the CREST telemetry.

    You can use the telemetry to watch a bird's eye view of the stage and compare your line to other people's. It's pretty funny watching where I spin out vs. where you spin out, because we are awesome at this game!

    CREST is pretty goddamned cool. Log into Racenet, on the left-hand side, click Events, click on dailies (they are the only events supported right now), click "view telemetry using CREST" and watch your pip race the course. There's a search box for usernames, find someone's time you want to compare to, hit the "ghost" button by their time, and observe.
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    Nice, I'll definitely check it out.
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    It was luck Pop,.... I had just run a full set of career races in the snow in Sweden. I was wired tight and still focused when I ran the Lancia.

    One observation: I start to lose concentraction after about 8 runs.
    I can tell because my eyes start bleeding as my brain leaks out my ears.

    PS: "Concentraction"; the tangibile loss of vehicular control due to extended high pucker factor driving.
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    BTW that CREST tool is pretty cool.

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