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Dirt Rally has a League feature. To join leagues you need to go to dirtgame.com, create a profile, log in, make sure you have selected "Xbox One", and go to "Find a League".

Leagues List:

"EXODUS Rally" - for normal rules
"EXOR Open Rally" - for more lenient rules


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    Apparently the name "Popolac" is deemed innapropriate on the dirtgame site, so my username is CLB88.
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    I think I requested to join.
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    I don't see a request yet, maybe it would be best if we post our Racenet user names here, and maybe I can send out invites to the league.
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    EXOR Feuerdog
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    That's the link for the only EXODUS result. Is this it?
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    No, that's the wrong one. The one I started is "EXODUS League" because "EXODUS Racing" was already taken. I'll try inviting.
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    I figured.. That was the only result for anything Exodus I could find..
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    This Racenet site is just clunky as hell. I'm going to disband the current league and re-do it as open enrollment. I doubt randoms are going to join up. Hopefully that will work better.

    Alright, update.

    League: EXODUS Rally
    Tag (for searching? IDK): IG1

    Should be open enrollment, so try to get in.
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    I tried to send you a friend request through it, but Idk if that went through either. Had any luck with invites?
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    I did get your friend request. I do believe we are friended at least.
  • I joined, Pop
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    Awesome, Pistol! Can you explain how you found the league? Sounds like the searches can be wonky.
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    I added an Event to the calendar. Once you join the league, in-game in the online section you should be able to find the leagues you are in, and you can find info there.
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    Still not seeing this league.

    I also joined a reddit league that was suggested on the league site and it hasn't shown up in game,so Idk what else to do at this point...
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    Pop maybe try posting a link to the league?

    I've made a thread on reddit asking about it, so maybe someone there will have an answer.
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    Disregard this post, link is no longer necessary.

    I'm impatient.
    Exodus Rally didn't exist, so it does now. https://www.dirtgame.com/leagues/league/32197/exodus-rally
  • It did exist, mate, and I joined pop's with no worries.

    Pop, all I did was sign in to dirtgame.com as you suggested. Switched the platform under my name from Steam to XBox. Then I hit the league button and searched for exodus. 2 came up and 1 of them had "CLB88" as a listed member, so I joined it.
  • Just out of curiousity, I just changed my platform back to Steam and did a search for exodus again. I found Open's new one and Pop's old one there. Seems that picking your chosen platform each time before you do a search is a must.
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    Yep, it was the lack of choosing the platform that was messing me up. Found and joined it.
  • The stupid thing defaults back to steam no matter how many times you log in, guys. Gonna have to keep an eye on that.
  • Damnit. I entered the league race thing just to see what it was about. Hit retire to get back out. So it penalised me out to 30 mins and won't let me do it again, lol. Oh well, next one I guess.
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    Yeah I did the very same thing with the weekly challenge last night. Also jumped the start on the daily and dq'd myself right out of the box. Gotta be careful with some of these, they're one shot deals.
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    Here are both the links to the leagues I'm in. Figured I'd share the reddit league since there are a few redditors here too.

    Make sure you run the league events, they'll be pretty interesting with some populated boards, I think.


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    Once I figured out the platform ( steam vs Xbox) BS, I just searched for Exodus and found two. I joined the league that Pop and Pistol are in and set some times.
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    I also started running a Fiat 131 in career. It's taken a few runs to get the tune tweaked right, but she flys nice now.

    Also I recommend running the Audi Sport Quattro up Pikes Peak.
    My first run was a 10:15
    The sounds it makes are glorious.
  • I ran Pikes Peak with one of the other options. It didn't go well.

    I haven't really spent a ton of time with the game yet. I'm kind of wondering if I need to tweak the controller settings just a little bit.
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    controller settings can make a difference. It's not a huge difference, but it certainly helps.
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    Promoted F-Dog, Pistol, and Open to managers. You guys should be able to mess around with creating events if you want.
  • I have joined the league. I'm going to do some racing tonight!
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