Division Open Beta Starts today

For anyone interested the Division open Beta started today. You can get the DL from the store on LIVE

I played around with it a little this morning. No real conclusions obviously but it seems like it has potential.

I'm sure I'll spend some time with it over the next couple of days.


  • I spent a few hours playing the Beta last night and I've got to say it seems pretty cool. I'll jot down a few of my thoughts in no particular order below.

    It's sort of like an RPG Gear of War, for lack of a better description.
    The cover system is straight forward. The games movement and shooting feels really good, very smooth once you get the hang of it. Sort of how GTA would feel if it had good controls. I will say the grenade throwing mechanic is a bit clunky.

    The GUI, HUD, maps, and all the menus are really nicely done. There's a lot of information on display but it's well organized and to be honest a lot of the interface looks gorgeous.

    Speaking of gorgeous, the environment is really good. The day night cycle is cool and there's changing weather which can dramatically affect game play. Nothing like having a fire fight in the middle of a snow storm at night!

    There is a lot of loot hunting as you'd expect. In that respect it seems like Borderlands or Diablo. all the gear has different attributes and buff in addition to rarity. So like the previously mentioned games you can spend serious time trying to figure out your kit.

    The guns are very cool, granted that could be me talking as a red blooded 'Murican who can be a gear whore when it comes to firearms. The all the primary and secondary weapons have mods (which follow the rarity and stats progression just like all the other loot) which you can use to customize them to your liking. These mods also affect how the guns look in game which is pretty cool as well.

    Gear is similar, I don't know if there are matched armor sets or anything like that, but the armor level has little to no effect on how your character looks. That's a big thing for me since I hate games that force you to change your look if you want to have the best armor/stats by the end of the game. Clothing items are solely for character customization, so within reason you can have some variety among players.

    The Co-op play is really fun. I played with Phantom and one of his friends last night. Starting co-op is pretty easy, it literally is almost a one button operation. It seemed like the enemies scaled to match the party and the bullet sponging that seems to be prevalent in gameplay videos really wasn't that bad.

    So far I'm pretty impressed. You can see there is a lot of locked content that we're not getting in the beta including what looks like a relatively robust perk and skill system. Plus, there's crafting!

    Right now I'm leaning towards a buy but we'll see after I put in a little more time this weekend.
  • I'm still kinda meh, borderline buy.
    It looks cool, but it also looks kinda canned, not true open world.
    Maybe I'm seeing it wrong, or maybe I just want everything to be totally sand box.
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    I get to that. It's very It's very much a farming game at least from what Ive seen so far.

    I'm not sure what to you mean by being not open world though?
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