Dirt Rally

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Not the same old Codemasters.
Not the same old Dirt.
This is something hardcore.
This is probably the closest a console will ever come to the legendary Richard Burns Rally game.



".....I also played it using an Xbox One controller and found it more than capable of taming Dirt Rally’s demanding racing. The joypad controls feel refined and responsive and can be further massaged to suit individual preferences by honing the controller sensitivity and linearity settings. In any case, the handling is fantastic and the feel of balancing a car on the very limit of adhesion (and, in many cases, well beyond it) is tremendously translated."


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    From the Gamespot review:


    "PC gamers tend to be a dedicated bunch, and Dirt’s community has been vocal and helpful in perfecting the game’s controls with their feedback. That has helped the transition to console as well. “It’s safe to say that our force feedback is the best it’s been on any of the games that we’ve ever made,” the game's designer Paul Coleman told me.

    “I think the new controllers the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have introduced are huge improvements on their predecessors, and they give the player a lot more fidelity. And that kind of haptic feedback that they offer is really important to us.”

    You can tell by the way the motors are vibrating in your pad which part of your car is losing its grip.

    It’s not an empty boast either. Both console controllers can accurately tell you where your driving is going wrong with this improved haptic feedback, even more so than the PC version in some cases. You can tell which part of your car is losing its grip by the way the motors are vibrating in your pad, and in the case of the Xbox One, the triggers can give you feedback on wheelspin and brake lock-ups, the latter being something that Codemasters was unable to implement with the PC build."
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    I'm really looking forward to this. I should just probably just pre-order it now because who am I kidding I'm gonna have to buy it.

    In the meantime, I might have to revisit the Dirt 3 which is now Xbox One friendly.
  • I've got one last game purchase I can make this year. Was umming and ahhing about getting The Division. My choice has just been made. Dirt Rally it is!
  • I've been playing this on Steam since it had 4 different locales (early access), and I've had so much fun with it. It works really well with the 360 controller too.

    But it's so hard.

    The tracks are rough and uneven, flat tires are a rough landing away, and TREES EVERYWHERE.

    And I wouldn't change a thing.
  • Mate, I've caught the rally bug. Put my pre-order in for Dirt Rally, and I've been playing WRC5 as well.
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    Guys, Open suggested a multi-platform event series in Dirt Rally once it launches whereby we would all compete on the same stage in the same conditions and then post screenshots of our course times, be they on PC, PS4 or XB1. :-)
  • That sounds cool, I haven't pre-ordered yet but I will once it gets closer. I think it releases early April?
  • Yep, 4th of April according to my XB
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    So this release is less than 2 weeks away! Who all is getting it?
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    I'm in on ps4. Proctor too.
  • I'm going to, I just haven't ordered it yet. It'll be interesting to see how similar it is across platforms.
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    Can you do the Xbox equivalent of Share Play on Live?

    If you're unfamiliar, Share Play is virtually sharing the controller with a friend. So say we party up on Live, can you virtually pass me a controller to a game I don't own?
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    That sounds like witch-craft to me, Open. Unfortunately the answer is no. Xbox doesn't have anything like that.
  • I think the Xbox has that functionality but you'd have to share profiles or something weird like that. I know Phantom does it with the xbox his kids have but it's not quite like the game sharing that they originally proposed (back in the early days when everyone was butt hurt about things being digital only).
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    Gameplay on Xbox One using the Xbox controller. Dude says at the end of the video that it feels solid on controller, that it's not too twitchy.
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    Changed my preorder to the xb since everyone that was getting it on ps4 now all have xbs too.
  • I can't take anything he says seriously, Pop. So irritating.
  • Seems that CM isn't charging too much ($70 CAD), I'll try to get one sooner than later! Any word on cross-platform shenanigans with this one?
  • I haven't heard anything about direct multi-player that's cross platform but I would imagine the leaderboards should be comparable across platforms if we want to do any time attack kind of stuff.
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    DIRT Rally has been released on XB1. Been playing my pre-order.

    Thoughts :

    Great co-driver prompts (much better than previous games in the series)

    Stage length and variety is wonderful, as is the range of cars/event types.

    Harsh time and cash penalties for crashes, course leaving and restarts (realistic, good)

    Driving/physics isn't up to Colin McRae Rally level, let alone Richard Burns. Almost identical to DIRT 1, with aspects of 2 and 3 thrown in.

    Tuning, even in advanced mode, isn't level with DIRT 1.

    The assists, their levels and the effects they have on the cars are a straight grab from DIRT 3. (Even booted up DIRT 3 on the 360 to make the comparison.)

    The feedback/rumble/vibration through the controller is okay, but definitely not to Forza 6 standards.

    Overall, a mixed bag. I like it a lot. The type and variety of stages alone make it worth the entry price. It just isn't what everyone said it would be. I'd be curious to try the PC version to see if it is the real deal.

  • Interesting, I saw something the other day that had some sort of team management in the career mode that looked interesting.

    I'm keen to check it out. I wonder how forth coming they'll be with DLC tracks?
  • Yeah. You have to unlock slots as you go and each slot can have a different team member in it. You start off with one slot plus a crew chief.

    Each person (including the crew chief) has stats of things they are good and bad at. You can use that functionality to hire people who are good at setting up particular parts of the car before races OR you can use it to hire people who are good at fixing the parts of the car you find yourself damaging most often.
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    I ran a career series in the mini.
    No assists, semi-auto trans, cloned Forza controls, and a hunch on some tuning.

    Being VERY CAREFUL to be safe yet swift, I managed to not wreck once on any of the four Greek stages I ran.
    I stalled several hairpins.
    I did drop tires off course.
    I did miss a turn or two.

    I also ran the Online Daily challenge which was a classic Escort in Wales I think.

    My thoughts so far....

    - Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.
    - DO NOT CUT means DO NOT CUT.
    - It's a VERY SLIPPERY game, but the feeling of control is there.
    - Pace notes are pretty solid so far, LISTEN TO YOUR CO-DRIVER.
    - You can stall your car by braking too heavily. Either left foot brake, or maintain some throttle while airborne/e-braking to prevent killing the engine.
    - Control feel is touchy but responsive, SMOOTH IS FAST.
    - I agree with Pistol that it's no RBR, but I think it feels better than the previous Dirts. The sense of speed at even 50mph is far more engaging, and the narrow courses definitely amplify the effect.

    Things to look for....
    - Remap controls to Forza style.
    - Some rearward bias on brakes may help rotate the Mini(fwd).
    - Try pumping the rebound up a tick or two both front and rear, it should help subdue the bouncy "feel" until we get more familiar with the game.
    - A softer rear spring should help all cars feel a bit more stable.

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    More thoughts.....

    Climbing acceleration feels steeper than it looks, and braking while descending feels downright scary.
    I'm not sure if it's audio/visual perception or actual tangible performance but it's pretty cool.

    The sense of speed is impressive.
    You might feel slow in relation to Forza, but realize that your control limits are drastically more finite.
    What's really frying my brain right now is how the hell im going to go faster in the faster cars and still be in control.

    Loving it so far, but it's gonna get brutal.
  • "DO NOT CUT means DO NOT CUT". Yep the game sure IS NOT kidding when it says this over and over again, lol. Even overtly tells you in the tips all the time, lol.

    "Pace notes are pretty solid so far, LISTEN TO YOUR CO-DRIVER." Yep, imo the best pace notes I've found in any rally game, and FAR better than any previous DiRT, but only if you consciously make an effort to pay attention to them. I switched mine to the EARLIER setting to make sure I'm listening properly and prepared beforehand.

    I think the course shapes and the graphical improvement account for all of the difference in sense of speed, FDog. Seriously, fire up DiRT 2 and try the narrowest point to point rallies and the difference almost disappears. It's almost like a "Best of DiRT" game, with bits and pieces of all the previous titles (ignoring the woeful Showdown)

    Having said that, the importance of the routes and course shapes cannot be overstated. They pretty much make or break a rally game in conveying a sense of realism.

    I agree with all your tuning notes, with the addition that I was massively loosening the diff and softening the front springs on the FWD cars(particularly the Mini and the Rallycross 1600s) to enable more of the tight turns to be taken without as much handbrake.

    In terms of the currently available rally games, this wins hands down. If you want a rally game on current gen, get this. It isn't pefect, but there's no competition. I also have WRC5 on the XB1 and Sebastian Loeb Rally on the PS4. WRC5 is a semi-arcade piece of crap that is disappointing in every single way. Don't even bother with it. Sebastian Loeb is better than WRC5 in terms of physics, but doesn't come close to matching DiRT Rally and then also falls behind WRC5 in terms of courses and surfaces available.
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    I see Reno and Pop have been Rallycrossing.

    So far I dislike it for the same reasons I dislike it in real life. It seems like a no holds barred ramming contest.

    I ran the mini on the Weekly challenge. It's a bit of a session but fun.
  • Rallycross isn't too bad. I'm not sure that I like it. I will say it has multi-player potential (if that's even an option, I haven't checked).

    So far it feels like a DIRT the first with the driving model of DIRT the second and third. That's not a bad thing at all.

    I did tweak the controller settings a little. For some reason, like many driving games, the dead zones for steering were huge. Fixing those made a big difference.

    I haven't really driven too many cars yet. The few I have driven do feel distinct from one another so that is good.

    It seems like tuning might be relatively important. I ran Pikes Peak and the mid engined Peugeot is the most tail happy AWD car I've driven in any game. I did a little diff tweaking and it settled down quite a bit, though still a handful.

    Honestly, I just hopped into career and didn't really look at anything but the initial settings that you can turn off. I suspect there are a few things I'll end up tweaking. You can adjust the camera position while your driving so that is kind of cool.

    Overall it's about what I expected. I can definitely see people getting frustrated though and it's a tough game to play if you can absolutely focus on it. Even in the slow cars one slip up can ruin your stage (that being said the cars seem more durable than they did in DIRT).
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    OMG @ Finland
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