Unicorn cars and community bounty, get some!

Do you like old Aston Martins?

Click the link for instructions on how to win the next unicorn car, a 1977 Aston Martin Vantage.


  • T10 has a bounty challenge up for this month. It's at Brands Hatch in a B class Rolls Royce Wraith. If you beat RBW Triton you get a unicorn. The 1977 Aston Martin Vantage. Time to hunt us some unicorns.

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  • Damn you and your devil wizardry!
  • I ran a few laps in a stock RR Wraith. It looks like a pretty tough challenge. Right now the target time is mid 1:39s. With a quick build and no tuning I got down to high 1:40s but I really need a lot more track knowledge to drop into the low 1:39s or mid 1:38s.
  • The car is awful. Worst car I've ever driven.
  • Well I don't know about that. It's pushy, probably because of the weight and the length, but it gets better with weight reduction. I'll work on a tune and see how much I can tune out of it.
  • I got mine down to 4700. It's so damn twitchy and then all the sudden it doesn't brake like I thought.
  • I spent a little time last night and knocked my time down to high 1:39s. I'm just a miracle lap away from high 1:38s.

    I might have to start running in hood view the glare on the windshield is bad enough that the second to last corner is completely blind on entry and I can never hit the apex. I'm pretty sure all my time is lost in that corner and the first. I just haven't figured them out yet.
  • I loved the idea for this challenge....

    I ran the stock RR to 1:48s
    I built a basic grip build and forzatune and ran a 1:43s
    I rebuilt to a higher power build and ran 1:42s
    I downloaded two other top 10 tunes, ran them, 1:41s
    I rebuilt my car again, no power, very wide stock tires, very high cambers, high downforce, stock trans, reran, retweaked, custom tuned, etc.

    58+ laps of testing and tuning over two days and the best I can manage is 1:40s

    I now dislike the difficulty and moving target of this challenge.

    I appreciate the work required to earn a unicorn reward, but I dislike what this has rapidly evolved into.
  • I agree with F-dog. All I can get with my builds are low 1:40's, and it's starting to get a little old.
  • I guess it get what they're doing but it's funny that they'd pick such a fast guy for the challenge. In the past they usually picked celebrities and the competitions were a lot more fun.

    We'll see how much more time he's able to knock off. I think I can do a high 1:38. But I don't know if it'll be enough.
  • To play devil's advocate, at least this time it will actually be a "unicorn" car. Not a "here, 75% of people have a..." car.
  • Well to play devil's devil's advocate you could probably argue that anyone that bought the ultimate edition should probably already have the car in their collection, since this is very likely content that should have been in the game from day one.

    I will say that the leaderboard/event distribution method is way better than the stupid thing they used to do in the auction house.
  • Devil's devil's advocate... so you're an angel? I knew it! No wonder you're so radiant!
  • It's how I make the world a better place.

    TRUMP 2016!!!
  • Gonna try a little more, with the target (1:39.522) as a ghost. New build with more weight and street tires, hopefully I can get under 1:40.
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    So the Rolls Royce bounty is over but they're running a new challenge for a unicorn Lambo.

  • Interesting...
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