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So the time suck continues. I think I've already got (insert embarrassing number)hrs+ into the game and it's been out for 9 days. That can't be good right? :))

A couple of quick things that I've found to be useful for adventuring in the Wasteland:

Always get at least level one of the scrapper perk. Now things like springs, gears, fiber optics, crystals etc. are salvageable from most of the stuff you pick up.

You can change the color of your HUD and PipBoy display. They don't even have to been the same color. The settings are in main menu for the game.

Pickup every gun, even if you don't want it. The ammo in the gun will get transferred to your inventory and you can drop the unwanted gun. As a result I don't really have to worry too much about ammo.

Speaking of guns/weapons, you can move mods from one to another. Say you have a modified weapon and you find a legendary version of it. You could modify the legendary version (potentially expensive) or you can move the mods you've already done to the original weapon to the legendary version.
All you need to do is mod the modified weapon and "add" the stock version of a part or parts. There's a resource cost every time you do this but it's a lot cheaper than the higher level mods. Now the mod is in your inventory and as long as the weapon type is the same you can add it to any other weapon in your inventory.

You can make your own adhesive. For those who are doing a lot of crafting you can make essentially an unlimited supply of adhesive.

A small crafting guide, again from Reddit.


  • This is probably EXACTLY why I am looking to sell my "slightly" used Fallout 4 disc... I have enjoyed playing it, but it has to go before I get myself in trouble. lol
  • It is most definitely a productivity killer. To be honest it would be kind of cool if there was some sort of co-op component (ala Destiny).
  • Agreed... It's the one piece missing.
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