Spec Series - Opinions

I've been kicking around a few ideas for a spec series. Something that's easily accessible but still fun for everyone. I know the easy answer is Miata but what do you guys think?

I'd guess we probably don't want to go above C class (maybe low B if there is a good reason) and it can't be anything that is part of a DLC or exclusive content since we've got members who are cheapskates (cough...cough...MetalBurn :-* )

Edit: link to the current spreadsheet with car specs I've been working on (or finalized):


  • A couple of suggestions

    Pontiac Solstice GXP?
    E30 M3?
    Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86?
    Lotus Carlton?
    Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evo II?

    or for something completely different -

    Mini John Cooper Works GP?
  • The easy answer is the best answer.
  • I am working on a Miata spec but its more along the lines of a spec that equalizes all versions of the Miata in one class versus a specific SPEC Miata build.

    Those are all good suggestions Pistol. I have been looking at the Slowstice and the 190. It's really about coming up with a spec that is nice to drive and has some tuning options but doesn't turn into a tuning required series (because that super tuner Serial would dominate!).
  • Classic Golf cup
  • The Golf is on my short list (maybe the mk2) but I've yet to come up with a build I like.
  • 240sx/S13 duel?
  • Corvettes
  • All good things.
  • I've worked up a few builds that I'll post tonight. 2002 Z06 in B class turns out pretty decent and an Elise with more tire is pretty fun in C class.
  • Koenigsegg One:1
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    I'd enjoy some open-wheelage. Formula Ford or Formula Mazda springs to mind.
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    Obviously echoing the Mazda.
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    Added a link in the OP to specs I'm working on.
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    I'm totally down for this. Any car.

    Btw I literally just read your tuning comment, lol. Good one!
  • Other uses for crystal meth, hey?
  • This is another series Detrick and I came up with back in the EXOR Forza 4 days....

    This build was taken from the real SCCA RX7 cup rules, with very few deviations... basically enough to make the PI even and a tad more top speed to the digitial car.

    - http://www.spec7.org/?page_id=136

    This car is similar power to the scion/brz class, but better handling for me. Very minimal adjustments available to this build, but as long as the tracks dont have super long straights it works out well... top speed is 150mph downhill... lol

    +1985 Mazda Rx7 GSL-SE

    Target PI = 400
    178 hp
    175 tq
    2440 (+/- 10) lb

    5.6 Speed
    5.0 Handling
    6.6 Acceleration
    4.9 Braking

    +Street Brakes
    +Full Rollcage
    +Race Front/Rear ARBs
    +Sport Springs
    +Sport Weight Redux
    +Race Air Filter
    +Race Ignition
    +Sport Exhaust
    +Race Rear Diff
    +Race Clutch
    +Sport Tires

    Any combination below to maintain PI:
    +Rims (Stock Width / Diameter)
    +Bodykit (non adjustable)

    No restrictions

    Rear Diff, f/r ARB, Tire Pressure only adjustments
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