Old School Race

World War II. Jeep was introduced. Manhattan project. Seat belts installed in cars. DNA Discovered. These are all events that happened during the 1940s and 1950s. Over the coming weeks, we will relive the era that gave us some of the most iconic cars and brands of cars of the past 100 years. We will be running the American vehicles before 1960. Here are your choices:

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air
1953 Chevrolet Corvette
1956 Ford F-100
1949 Mercury Coupe
1945 Jeep Willys MB
1940 Ford De Luxe Coupe

The only requirement for these vehicles is that they are tuned to E300. Any upgrades or tuning are allowed, as long as they are in E Class. We will run multiple shorter races each evening as opposed to one longer race. Tracks will be announced as we get closer to the race!


  • That looks crazy!

    I will say that we might want to be careful with the Willys. I know that for awhile it was a glitched car on the leaderboards. Maybe it's been patched in the last couple weeks?
  • It has been patched, Reno, but how much or how well, I'm not sure. E300! Excellent, Serial, I have like 150 cars at E300, lol
  • Corvette corvette corvette corvette corvette corvette corvette corvette corvette corvette...
  • Put me down for a 1940 De Luxe, mate :-)
  • I'm gonna buy me a Mercury and cruise it up and down the road...
  • Bel Air here I came
  • Gotta go with the Merc Coupe. Love me a thick girl
  • Also tagged.
  • When do we start?
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    Announcement incoming today.
  • I only managed one or two E class races last night. Was there a consensus that the Corvette is overpowered?

    I still haven't decided what car to run.
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    I did hear some rumblings of the Corvette being slightly dominant....I am not sure if this was only in the straights, or overall...does anyone else have any input?
  • Nah, the Corvette might have slightly more top speed, but my little 1940 Coupe was beating them for acceleration down the straights in the first place. I think it's more a matter of gearing/build choice than actual power levels.
  • Are we racing these on Wednesday?
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    No sir, I haven't set a schedule for them yet. I was kind of waiting on some of the other series to start that were planned first. I believe Pistol's series starts Wednesday.
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