2015 Racing Video Links

V8 Supercars 2015 Round 2 (Non-Championship) - Albert Park- Race 1


  • MotoGP at Philip Island was on of the best races I've ever seen!! Plus Ianonne clipped a seagull with his helmet.

  • 2 Aussie videos so far. Liking the theme, lol. Haha, Reno on that day, Dad and the kids went to the beach at Inverloch(really close to Phillip Island) and had fish and chips. The kids commented that there were no seagulls for once nagging them for their chips. Dad jokingly told them they were probably all down at the island annoying the bike riders......
  • It's like real life Forza!
  • Yet another Aussie vid, lol!
  • I know right. I'm going to have to find some videos from a different country.
  • This one is another Aussie vid, and it's motorsport, but is 2016 I think. Anyway, awesome nonetheless

  • Metal Burn, I think it's fair to say this is pushing a Falcon a bit too hard.....

  • Mint 400 highlights. Now that we have DiRT Rally for the console the only genre I'm really missing, as far as racing games, is off road.

  • So here's one more reason Japan is an amazing country.

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