Project Cars delayed again.

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Word comes today that Project Cars will get pushed back to April.


  • Lame!
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    At least we have a date. April 2. Much better than sometime in March.
  • This looks pretty good.

  • and delayed again. DAMN IT! ok I'm not really upset at all. I'm sure it will be good.
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    Lots of interesting tuning, but maybe fuzzy physics.
  • And it's pretty.
  • More of the pretty. With some actual xbox one footage. We'll see, hopefully the physics are reasonable.

  • I've now pre-ordered this on both XB1 and on PC. Just hedging my bets because I'm not sure which platform I'm gonna end up playing with peeps on most.
  • Nice, I haven't yet since I'd rather pick up a digital version. I guess I might once it's available but the pre-order bonuses I've seen don't seem that special.
  • Yeah, the pre-order bonuses are pretty crappy. It was purely a financial move for me. I ended up with both versions for what I would have payed for either one as a digital copy.
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    Granted it is the PC version but damn it's looking good and sounds like pretty high praise from VVV.

  • Looks great. I'll probably pick up the PC version whenever it finally comes out.
  • I've see fire and I see rain. That video was pretty.
  • Information seems sparse on this game. I should look again to see if there are any reviews out there. The last one I saw mentioned that the cars spin out extremely easy at high speed. Makes me concerned that it will be a Shift II.
  • There's a review of the XB1 version in the current issue of Official XBox Magazine, Warp. Dunno if that helps or not.
  • Good news! The official track list looks pretty amazing.
  • The official track list is epic.
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    Well it's out now and I have it for PC. Seems somewhat Forzaish especially compared to AC. Still working on tweaking my setup and checking out all the features.
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    It looks like there are a ton of adjustable settings even on the console. A video I saw the other day made it look like you could set specific FFB and controller settings and save them to individual cars.

    I'm sure there will be a few of us digging into the game this week.
  • Ill be in it tonight after 12. Will be streaming on twitch do those that want to watch and see the game
  • going to try and stay up late to play a little. Key word try. I'm beat right now.
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