IROC Porsche Carrera 911 Spec

In 1973 one the first IROC races held in the US was run with 1973 Porsche 911s.
This build and tune is a rough B-classed approximation if that car.

My intention was to build, tune, and paint ALL of the cars to be run in these informal races.
But screw that,.... paint them yourself.

The tune is available now as “IROC FINAL” and “IROC FINAL2”

Please keep the paint job simple, with a solid color, minimal sponsors, and place contrasting numbers centered on the hood, doors, and rear.
Use these pictures for reference.

Claim you color number combo below.


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    Open2nd, #70, blue (.58, 1, .2).
  • RenoWrench #46 blue (.58, 1, .21)  :p 
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    Reno will get Lentil green,...... and like it.
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    Updated OP
  • I need to try out you updated tune.  The original tune isn't too bad a little pushy but definitely something you can adapt to.

    Are you thinking of running the tracks that IROC ran in '73?
  • JonJon
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    33 Pink 
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    Tuner getting an update,.... I’ll repost a 911 tune when the tuner is ready.
    911 is still too pushy.
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    SPEC 911 Carrera ‘73

    Race Filter

    Sport Intake

    Race Fuel, Ignition, Exhaust

    Sport Cam, Valves

    Stock Block, Pistons, Oil

    Race Flywheel, Brakes

    Race Suspension, ARBs, Cage

    Stock Weight

    Race Clutch

    Sport Trans

    Race Driveline, Diff

    225/235 Sport 17’s w/1552 Forged 2pc Outlaw 001 Wheels

    Stock Body/Aero

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    Tune shared: IROC 3

    Much better overall feel.
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