Infinite Garage Track Attack: December, Part 1 - "It Bites Back"

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The Promo:

The Car:

1999 Dodge Viper GTS ACR, built freely to [A|700]

The Track:

Road Atlanta Full

The Song:

Korn - Falling Away From Me (a hit in 1999)

The Story:

The Eye-Candy:

The Ear-Candy:

The Rules:

You have until the 16th of December, 2017, to post up your best lap time. A link to photo evidence would be nice.


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    I have more work to do on my tune. I'll hopefully get faster ;-)
  • What's the best way to set up this event? Did I do it right? How do I see the online leaderboard like Open2nd posted?

    I clearly have no idea how to work Forza 7. But I did this in Test Drive mode...not sure if it counts or not.

  • That car feels a little funky. How can it possibly have weight balance of under 50%? Is the 7 million pound engine actually that far back in the chassis?

  • I’ve done two builds.

    The first is essentially my A-spec stock lightweight build with 460hp and sport tires.

    The Time Attack build is heavier, with 530hp and runs race tires.

    The time attack build is easier to drive well, but didn’t really prove to be any faster.
    Both cars ran in the low 29’s but the time attack car easily has 28’s in it.
  • I don't remember the details of my build but it conforms to the current WTAC spec I've been working on. Probably best categorized as a grip build.
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    So the fastest '99 Viper on the Homologated leaderboard is in 10th place in the world at a 25.9

    I downloaded the tune and checked it out, it's on Homologation tires (Sport I think?), 530ish HP, 2900ish lbs., with aero.

    I personally couldn't get it to go faster than my build, which is Race Tires, 490ish HP, 3,100ish lbs., with aero.

    It seems like there are some mysterious racing lines that I just don't know about to go faster, and I can't find out what they are, because the leaderboards no longer have replays to download.

    I'm legitimately frustrated, because I'm already stretching track limits and I'm still two full seconds off the time. I have NO IDEA where to find it.
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    There is a way to work the suspension settings in a pseudo-exploit manner, which results in a floppy(soft?) yet super-grippy tune.
    The PI/build specs look the same but the chassis feels about 5% better.

    I’ve found a couple of them, so have others.
    They dominate the best leaderboard times.
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    Well, that makes me feel a little better, assuming that's the case with the 10th place 25.9 time.

    However, Reno still has a faster time than me by a few tenths...
  • Git Gud scrub!

    I don't know if I'd be able to run a 25 but I suspect I could take a few tenths off my current time at least. That car is deceptively good. I think it was pretty decent in a number of the old games as well.
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