WTAC Spec testing

Something a little different this time. Some time attack!

1980 or newer(subject to change 80, seems like a pretty fair cutoff at the moment)
Any drivetrain
Sport tire
2500lbs minimum
At least one piece of adjustable aero
cars in the Supercar Homologation classes are not allowed

Build some cars and we'll see what happens, I'll be running a room for testing on Wednesday.


I'll be on at 7pm PST tonight doing testing for this spec so expect a bit of chaos as people hop in and out of the room for tuning. Hopefully, it doesn't break too many times.

Updated specs in bold.


  • any tentative track ideas?
  • Not really, probably a mix of long and short.
  • Are engine, aspiration and drivetrain swaps allowed?
  • For now, assume anything not listed is legal.
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    The sport tires are more a factor than I anticipated. You can’t go deep into missile territory without being useless in the corners.
    Aero helps, but not enough.

    EDIT! 5.8 grip is a good starting zone,.... and keep the weight down for accel and cornering response.
  • I like this challenge! ;-)
  • I'll have a handful of cars (both RWD and AWD) built but not tuned for this evening. I'm hoping to keep this spec as open as possible. We'll see how it goes, I'm sure there's definitely room to adjust it, I've already got a few areas of concern.

    Obviously this is the kind of thing we're going for, so I'm trying to keep us away from missiles:

  • Sorry I was unable to make it last night. Will there be more testing sessions?
  • No worries justLou, I had something come up last minute and didn't make it online. I think a few guys run a room last night but there will definitely be more testing over the next couple of weeks.
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    We ended up not doing much of anything, just testing and painting.

    In the coming days I’m going to explore the viability of a FWD build.
  • I've been wondering about that myself.

    I did a little testing over the weekend. The Watkins Glen A class rivals event is a good testing ground. I have yet to find an AWD car that's competitive. Maybe I just haven't found the right build but I get the feeling that AWD might still be a little gimped.

    I'm going to be doing some testing, for real this time, on Wednesday at 7pm PST so bring a bunch of cars and we'll see what happens.

    LS swaps for the win!!
  • I’ll build some AWDs tonight, I suspect they will be more viable than FWD.

    The FWD Astra? can have some pretty wide tires (265?) and can be quick, but with 400+hp it’s not exactly easy to drive well.

    We don’t get the Seat Cupra this time do we?
  • I don't recall seeing the Cupra. I'd imagine this spec is a bit much for a FWD car. I think they might work in B class but at least for me it would probably be pretty track specific.
  • OP updated with a couple of new restrictions.

    Did some running last night I think it's getting close as the results confirmed a few of my suspicions.

    AWD is still pretty gimped, I think if you've got the right build and a favorable track it might not be too bad. Personally, I have yet to find a car and track combo where an AWD is consistently faster than RWD.

    As expected FWD is not a great choice. No real way around that.

    I'm going to work on track selection and race format next week we'll see about making an official announcement with a start date.
  • Shared on the discord servers.
  • I'll be around at tonight for some casual testing. I need to find a couple more tracks and finalize the spec. If we've got a few people on I'll get a room together.
  • See above post. Same story different week. I'm a little behind because holidays are dumb. Spec isn't changing but I haven't decided on all the tracks yet.
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