Nurburgring Challenge: November 2017, "Godzilla In A Dress"

The Promo:

The Car:

1995 Nissan NISMO GT-R LM, built freely to Homologation Division

The Track:

Nurburgring Nordschleife

The Song:

H Jungle With T - Wow War Tonight (popular in Japan in 1995)

The Story:

The Eye-Candy:

The Ear-Candy:

The Rules:

You have until the end of the month (November, 2017) to post up your best lap time. A link to photo evidence would be nice.


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    600hp build, no aero

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    7:28.876 with no aero. I think I have about 485hp

    IG GTR Nurburgring challenge

    I ran a 7:34.x on my standing start lap.
    Ran this 7:30.270 on my second.
    Screwed the pooch with another .8x seconds in my third lap.

    Build is at 500hp, no aero.
    Tune is raw FT7 numbers.
    It’s got just a hair of mid-corner push, but it’s stable and fast.
    Probably 7:28 capable with tweaks and a better driver.
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    Sounds like I need to drop some horsepower and try again.
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    7:25.068 probably another second or two in it. Ran the 1st sector 6-8 tenths slower than my previous lap and lost the same amount on the corner complex before the Karusell.

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    So VVV DJT had a go at this and messaged me on Reddit.

    He got a 7:14.127

    He said it's up on the leaderboard in Forza.

    I can't imagine going that fast in this car. Holy cow!
  • Yeah, that is really quick. Thing about this track though is carrying speed through some of the big sections equals seconds faster. Being able to carry big speed through Flugplatz means you make up seconds on the next couple of kilometers. Mutkurve through Klostertal is another section where you can make huge time by carrying big speed through those sweepers.
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    Danke schoen, darling, danke schoen, is about the most german I know of.

    Guess I need to learn some corner names.
  • Ring map with names. I can never remember them so I always have to consult the map.ürburgring-2013-Nordschleife.svg
  • Howdy fellas, I ran a bit more tonight and got down to a 7:12.714. I left the car alone from the 7:14 and just cleaned up some places in the lap and there's still a few places left to clean yet. Now that I started I can't stop, gotta run more tomorrow! lol
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    When I first created this post I wished I could find footage of the 1995 cars on track at Le Mans, but no luck. Fortunately, they ran at the Nismo Festival this year!

    They head out on track at 2:49.20 in the video. Enjoy!
  • I was watching that live too! Soo much goodness!
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