Forza Edition Tunes and Builds

BMW M3 ‘97 FE

Not much wiggle room on this build so the tune should work with most builds.
I built with no rear aero, minimized front.

Driving notes:
I ran 6 laps of the ring, posted a top 10 time.
The build ran well, maybe just a hair on the loose side of full stable. The rear would power loose if you attacked too hard. Not unmanageable but drifting isn’t fast.
The rear wing might be just the trick to lock it down.
My gearing was a little tall too, I barely needed 6th. Shortening it by a couple tenths would help all-round performance, but I’d surely back the diff down to 50-60% and add the rear wing.
The front end felt a little muted at speed also, but a small tweak to caster would fix that.

FT7 Tune

Build and Tune publicly shared as FT7.
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