FM7 Advanced Tuner testing

I’ve some Forza 7 data to work with now, so I’ve been working on some tuning solutions.
There are essentially two calculators I’ll be refining.

The first is a slight set of revisions to the existing ForzaTune6 app to keep it fresh and functional. It is currently OK, but it does need a little tweaking to make it better.

The second calculator is what I’ll call the Advanced Tuner. Without going into too many details, this tuner is a ground up rebuild in my typical calculator tuning process, and includes a fairly wide selection of custom adjustability to suit the individual users personal tastes.

Want to test some cars on the default setting Advanced Tuner?
Post your car details here and I’ll share what I’ve been working on this past couple weeks.

Tire widths?
Aero downforces?


  • Shoot, I totally forgot about this. I'll get a couple of cars posted tonight.
  • Same.
  • Nismo GTR-LM
    3283 lbs
    315mm F/R
    No Aero

  • E36 widebody
    275/30r18 front and rear
    No aero
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    Here's the results of 4 laps each at Suzuka.
    Stock Tune 2:18.126 dirty.
    Fdog Tune 2:16.583 clean.

    The tune didn't mention anything about toe settings or tire pressures so toe was left zeroed front and rear, and I took tires to 28.5/28 front to rear, or ride height, which I set as the standard Fdog setting of 4 clicks above minimum. Brakes were the same as stock, and left that way.

    The car in stock form pushed a good deal, probably because of the front roll bar being in the low 30s. The tuned version still felt a little too stiffly sprung for my tastes but was a pretty drastic improvement over the stock tune. I couldn't run a clean lap with the stock tune, it would push out more than I could manage, and then would spin tires with little notice.

    The 2:16 was good for 89th of 1920 times in the Sport GT Icons leaderboard.
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    Tire pressures will most likely be set to 29/29 this time.

    Ride height is more of a problem.
    Some cars, especially wider variations, will bottom out easily, and the adverse effects of doing so seem to be stronger.

    4 clicks above min is a good starting point, but watch for “sparking” it’s a good indicator that you need more spring and/or clearance.
  • What about the toe settings?
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    I planned for minimal toe,.... trying to achieve as much balance as possible via springs/damping.

    That said, a little toe tweaking will surely work, but it’s not something I’m focused on at the moment.

    RWD -.1 or -.2 for stability?
    FWD +.1 for corner feel?
  • Alright, wanted to be sure if you'd intentionally left it out or missed it somehow. Thanks.
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    Reno’s E36 widebody
  • Those are some interesting looking numbers. I'll have to check it out when I get home. I think I'll post my Silvia FE as well. I've actually spent a little time tweaking that car so I'll be interested to see how different a calc tune feels.
  • 66 FNF Vette
    295 f/r
    50lbs/75lbs f/r DF
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    New calcs as of tonight, lemme know what you think.....

    Use damper values in blue.
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    I ran 4 laps in your tune with my brakes at Suzuka Full. Then 4 in my tune, then 4 more with your full tune.

    2.17.851 Fdog w Open Brake Tune
    2.15.687 Open Tune
    2.16.115 Fdog Tune with a 2.15.5 decertified due to overshooting Spoon Curve. Your brake setup just doesn't get along with my style, it seems.

    Overall my car feels much more on edge than yours. Your tune is a far more consistent drive when I have my braking setup on it. In the end I've loaded your tune with my brakes and feel a lot more confident in the car, and if I went back I'm sure I could outpace my current leaderboard time with my tune due to that comfort. 2.15s are good for approximately top ten(I'm currently 7th) in the FNF leaderboard at Suzuka, out of 962 times set at the time of this post.
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    What kind of brake setup are you running?
  • It's usually 52% forward with 90% pressure.
  • 15 Challenger Hellcat
    Weight? 3994lbs
    Distribution? 55%
    Tire widths? 275/295
    Aero downforces? No
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    05 Subaru WRX
    Weight? 3084lbs
    Distribution? 55%
    Tire widths? 235
    Aero downforces? No
  • 08 Subaru WRX
    Weight? 3269lbs
    Distribution? 57%
    Tire widths? 255
    Aero downforces? No
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    Lamborghini Super Trofeo
    Weight? 3091lbs
    Tire widths? 305/335
    Aero downforces? 165/403(low) & 276/672(high)
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    You can use your own brake settings,.... but I think you’ll find some use with the calc values.

    Especially with the Lambo.
  • TY bby.. As always, will report back once I get some time to actually drive em. I should be around tonight if you want a live report.
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    I’ll be on tonight.
  • First up was the Challenger, 4 laps at Suzuka as usual.

    Fdog 2:20.669 dirty. Pushy but mostly manageable. Chalking the dirty lap up to rust, been a bit since I've played.
    Open 2:20.717 clean. Twitchy, just on the edge of manageable but not a confidence inspiring tune. Tough to wrangle but did feel more willing to rotate into a set.
    Fdog 2:19.997 clean. Much more neutral feeling after driving my twitchy tune. I'm not especially confident with the build for this car, or if this car is actually viable in A class as it currently sits, it may be better for the top speed tracks, we'll have to see. Overall your tune did wind up faster, and it also didn't feel quite as pushy as I'd originally felt though it was a little slow to find the apex.. In the end, i think I'd rather drive the fdog tune.
  • 05 WRX
    Fdog 2:24.719
    Open 2:24.438
    Fdog 2:24.354

    Not a lot to say here, both tunes were pretty similar feeling and that shows in the times.
  • F40
    No aero
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    I'll have to check that out tonight. I'm surprised at how different that car feels in it's current form. It was one of my go to S class cars in the last couple of games and now it just feels ridiculously pushy. I think it's the dramatic tire stagger having a greater affect in this game.


    Also, I finally manged to run a few laps in that e36 widebody. I had tuned the car a little bit before I did the B class rivals event at Watkins.

    Ran .6s faster after the tune. The car doesn't feel pointy enough and I didn't use the calc diff settings (I think I'm somewhere between 50-60 accel and 30 decel). Overall though, the car feels much more locked down, It really hooks up out of slow and medium speed corners now which is surprising.
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    Yeah, I’ve permanently adjusted the diff accel down to 70%, which is still borderline aggressive for RWD.

    Reduce the rear rebound in that e36 by a couple ticks and it should turn in with a touch more authority.
    Kicking the caster up a couple tenths may improve mid-corner bite also.
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