Thrustmaster TX settings

I'm running the Thrustmaster TX motor with RS500 Pedals and Shifter. This feels the smoothest with good feedback from the car. I know a lot of people recommend 0 on the Wheel Damper but that makes all the cars seem numb to me. Enjoy.

Steering DeadZone: 0/95
Acceleration: 10/95
Deceleration: 10/95
Clutch: 10/80
Handbrake: I don't use
Vibration: 80
Force Feedback: 60
Wheel Angle: 540
Steering Linearity: 50
FF Understeer: 100
FF Min Force: 100
Wheel Damper: 50
Center Spring: 95


  • Thanks for this, I know some wheel people were struggling to find some solid settings.
  • Thanks Lickwid... I checked these against mine and there were a couple of differences to what I was running. Got to say this is a really nice baseline setup. Biggest change is I was running 900 degrees of rotation. I like the 540 setup, though now I'm going to have to see about any affects to my PC setups, or whether I'll have to change that on the wheel each time I swap platforms. I still want to play with the damper and center spring settings a bit, but that's just to try and save some wear and tear. The deceleration settings are different for me as well as I have a loadcell on my brake, so went ahead and set to 0/100.

    I went ahead and used the ForzaTune App for now to help out the MX5 and that paired with the new TX settings was quite nice. Much better than before and now that I've got my sim chassis swapped out and temporarily rigged up (still have some adjustments to make) plus hopefully some time available soon, I can start plugging away.
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