Forza Vintage Rally

I've worked out an interesting race format that I'd like to try with 3 cars built to a very simple spec. I'd like to do a test night tonight to get the cars balanced in, and explain and practice the format I've come up with.

Wednesday, 8/30/17, 9:00 PM CST

The Cars:
1954 Mercedez 300 SL
1954 Jaguar XK120
1961 Jaguar E-Type

The cars have very simple builds, with no tuning parts attached, so I will have the tunes hosted.

The Format:
1 Reverse lap
1 Forward Special Stage lap
1 Forward Normal lap

It works like this:
To get the time scoring to reflect a total stage time including what are essentially 3 laps in one...

1.) At the start of the race, DO NOT cross the start line

2.) We will do a reverse lap of the track as a practice lap

3.) At the end of the reverse practice lap, we will turn around and do a practice lap of the forward special stage lap, which will include a piece of track that is not normally used.

4.) At the end of the special stage practice lap, we will NOT cross the start line, but form a queue just before the start line, which we will be individually launching from in intervals.

5.) When it's your turn to launch, you will drive over the start line, beginning your first lap according to the game.

6.) Upon crossing the start line, you will do a U-turn and start your reverse lap.

7.) At the end of your reverse lap, you will cross the finish line, turn 180, and begin your forward special stage lap.

8.) At the end of your forward special stage lap, you will race past the finish line like normal, and begin your forward normal lap.

9.) At the end of your forward normal lap, and upon crossing the finish line, the game will trigger the end of lap one, giving you a total stage time of your 3 combined laps (reverse, forward special stage, forward normal stage).

10.) We will race a few tracks in this manner each night, and whomever has the lowest accrued time will be the winner.

It sounds a little complicated, but I promise you it's not that difficult. It's actually a pretty slick way to trick Forza into keeping track of a total time of bundled laps.

Back in the day of amateur rallying, the liveries were extremely simple.

1.) A large vinyl of your race number on both left and right sides

2.) An event vinyl - Search "EXOR Popolac" / Description "FVR50s"

3.) A registration decal - Search "EXOR Popolac / Description "FVR###" (in vinyl editor, cover up ### with your race number)

Livery Examples:

XK120 Front Bumper


E-Type Top Hood


E-Type Side


E-Type Rear Bumper



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