Nurburgring Challenge: June, Week 1 "Devil's Advocate"


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    This is a teaser?
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    S-class Challenger?!
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    Not quite...

    The Devil that I have in mind is winged.
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    Let me know if you guys can see that video or not. Won't work through Youtube.
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    Yes. Video works. Very nice.
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    That video is hilarious Pop. What do you mean it won't work through YouTube?
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    Copyrighted music, Youtube flagged it instantly when I uploaded it, and made it a private video.
    You know, "legalities" and all those alternate facts.

    I also learned during the making of the video that if you save a Forza replay with a "dirty" word in the title, like for example if you name it "FUCKING RACE" the replay blocks itself and you only see a car sitting on the track. You don't see the rest of the replay. Of course Dan Greenawalt wouldn't believe in free speech.
  • Ha! It's funny certain songs are instantly flagged. Sometimes if you mix in some ambient audio at the beginning it can't recognize the song. I think I did that with my old EXORCAR video from back in the FM3 days.
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    That video is amazing!
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    7:30.716 PB

    On leaderboards.
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