Exodus Rally: May, Week 4

League Signup:
1. Go to dirtgame.com
2. On the left of the screen is a grey expandable box. Press the "Leagues" button here.
3. Click the "Find a League" button at the top of the screen.
4. In the Search field, type in "EXODUS Rally" and search.
5. You should find a league titled "EXODUS Rally", with a league description that reads: "League for EXODUS members and friends".
6. Press "View League"
7. Join the League, and In-game you should be able to access the event when it goes live.

The event is scheduled for 1 week, starting at 9:15 CST 5/24/17 and will run until 9:00 CST 5/31/17

Rules are as follows:
Vehicle Restriction - Class
Stage Retry - No
Event Restart - No
Owned Vehicles - No
Career Engineers - No
Service Area - Every Other Stage
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