Dirt Rally: EXODUS Rally

I've got a 6 stage rally set up in the "EXODUS Rally" league in Dirt Rally.

If you are not registered in the league, here are the steps to find it and sign up...

1. Go to dirtgame.com
2. On the left of the screen is a grey expandable box. Press the "Leagues" button here.
3. Click the "Find a League" button at the top of the screen.
4. In the Search field, type in "EXODUS Rally" and search.
5. You should find a league titled "EXODUS Rally", with a league description that reads: "League for EXODUS members and friends".
6. Press "View League"
7. Join the League, and In-game you should be able to access the event when it goes live.

The event is scheduled for 1 week, starting at 9:00 CST 5/10/17 and will run until 9:00 CST 5/17/17

Rules are as follows:

- 1960s cars (non-career spec, you're essentially "renting" a car from the game, no-one will have unfair performance parts advantages)
- Non-career mechanics (everyone will have the same mechanic team)
- Repairs available after every stage
- Checkpoints after every stage (save and quit saves progress after each stage)
- No Retries
- Tuning is open
Rallying going forward...
  1. Would you participate in continuous weekly EXODUS rallies?3 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Maybe
  2. How do you feel about equalized settings? Meaning: Car upgrades and mechanics are the same for all3 votes
    1. Equalized settings work for me.
    2. I'd prefer to use my own career cars and mechanics.
  3. Would you prefer "Retries" to be enabled? (Allows for practicing full stages and memorizing layouts)3 votes
    1. Yes, this allows for better performances with more time spent.
    2. No, rallying is about seat of the pants racing.
  4. How often would you like to be able to make repairs?3 votes
    1. After every stage.
    2. After every 2 stages, like the base career.
  5. Would you prefer class restriction or specific car restriction?3 votes
    1. Class restriction, even a small amount of car choice is nice.
    2. Car restriction, it's a more balanced competition.


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    Until my racenet account gets unscrewed, I can't run leagues.
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    I'm guessing that the online setup will be similar for Dirt 4?
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    Based on the poll, I will continue setting up Rallies. I think I'll do 2 different ones from here on out. Here are the base rules for each...

    Rules for the "EXODUS Rally" league:

    Vehicle Restriction - Class
    Stage Retry - No
    Event Restart - No
    Owned Vehicles - No
    Career Engineers - No
    Service Area - Every Other Stage

    Rules for the "EXOR Open Rally" league:

    Vehicle Restriction - Specific Car
    Stage Retry - Yes
    Event Restart - Yes
    Owned Vehicles - No
    Career Engineers - No
    Service Area - Every Other Stage
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    We lost some data there didn't we......

    I got my racenet/league crap fixed.
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