NASCAR 87 Series.

Restrictor plate era NASCAR! When cars were square and there was a guy with a cowboy hat.

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Car Spec:

Buick GNX

Spec details can be found here:

Aside from being a Buick, it conforms pretty closely to what the cars of the era would have been. Tire width and weight are really close to RL. The engine displacement is wrong and the car is probably down 100-150hp compared to the real thing since I didn't want to put it into S class and the 7.0 swap runs a carb and sounds the best.

It's a surprisingly fun build to drive.


You can build a car with 550hp that won't meet the room specs (don't ask me how but a few of us have managed to do it). Forza does a lot of rounding. Please double check that your car will be legal in a multiplayer lobby before race night.

Schedule: (all races start at 7pm PST)

April 26 - Preseason testing
May 3 - Homestead 5 lap qual 2/20 lap races
May 10 - Watkins Glen Short 3 lap qual 2/10 lap races
May 17 - Road America 3 lap qual 12 lap race
May 24 - Indy Speedway 5 lap qual 2/13 lap races
May 31 - Sonoma Short 3 lap qual TBD race
June 7 - Daytona Night 5 lap qual 40 lap race

Race Night:

Lobby Settings:

car limited to spec
TCS, ABS, damage(?) Off
Fuel and tire wear ON
Rolling Start

Race nights will consist of qualifying (no collisions, 3-5s starting intervals) and with grid order set to manual. For double race nights the second race will have its grid order determined by reversing the finishing order of the first race.

Yellow Flags:

Sometimes there's a little too much rubbing when racing. On those occasions, a yellow flag can be called.
A yellow flag requires that there be an accident which causes one or more cars to come to a complete halt (or near as can be expected).

Single car incidents due to driver error do not warrant a yellow flag.

During a yellow flag all racers must slow to a speed of 60mph and maintain an orderly single file formation while the field re-forms. On-track passing is not allowed during yellow flag laps with the exception of cars that are attempting to un-lap themselves.

Cars which have been lapped are allowed to un-lap themselves and rejoin at the rear of the field in an organized and courteous manner.

Pitstops are allowed during yellow flags and pitting cars must rejoin the at the rear of the field in an organized and courteous manner.

Lapped cars which chose to pit are not allowed to un-lap themselves and must rejoin at the rear of the field in an organized and courteous manner.

Cars that are un-lapping themselves or rejoining at the rear of the field are allowed to exceed the 60mph speed limit until they have caught up.

After the field has regrouped the race will restart when the leader next crosses the finish line.

Yellow Flags cannot be called within 3 laps of the finish.

Please review the Rules of Clean Racing. While not everything is relevant to Forza, it provides a good basis for courteous and clean racing .

Remember, the race isn't won in the first corner! That being said, sometimes things happen and restart may be called if there are a significant number of cars involved in a first lap incident.


Full points progression is available on the Results spreadsheet.

Points are awarded down to 20th place and the points structure reflects how points were awarded during the early Winston Cup era. Full points will be awarded for each race. Race nights with a single race are awarded double points (Road America, Daytona Night).

5 bonus points will be awarded for each of the following items:
  • Pole position
  • fastest certified lap
  • fastest non-certified lap


Please have a livery on race night. It can be something from the storefront or an original creation. Bonus karma points for having a livery which looks period appropriate.

Livery Requirements:

If you're making an original livery make sure you have your race number on both the driver and passenger side doors as well as the roof.
I've created a contingency vinyl package:

All the sponsors on the door and front quarter panel are up in the storefront as a complete set (minus the Goodyear logo which is a manufacturer logo). You'll need both IGNASCAR and ignascarL. Search my gamertag RenoWrench and you should be able to find them (YMMV because Forza search really sucks)

Feel free to run more sponsors or various combinations of these sponsors. I know there are a bunch of them in the storefront.

Additional livery resources/inspiration:

This site has a lot of pics from the era, even though it is possibly the worst site to navigate in the history of the internet:
A great site with a lot of details for all eras of NASCAR:

Get to building and prepare yourself!

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    My dick's trickling! Yiss!
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    March 5th, figure out time travel?
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    Tonight,............? I think.
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    Your minds are blown!!!!!

    It's like you've never heard of the metric calendar. It's very complicated.
  • I'm in for whenever the series kicks off, or any further testing.
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    I'd like to do some testing this Wednesday with as many liveried cars as possible. I want to capture some video.

    I'll be working on a contingency sponsor package over the weekend so I should have something in the storefront on Mon or Tues.

    And here's a little throwback to 2010s NASAR series!
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    I've got some contingency stickers done. All the sponsors on the door and front quarter panel are up in the storefront as a complete set (minus the Goodyear logo which is a manufacturer logo). You'll need both IGNASCAR and ignascarL.

    Feel free to run more sponsors or various combinations of these sponsors. I know there are a bunch of them in the storefront.

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    For those who are looking for replica livery information this is a pretty good site for the ultra nerdy details:
  • Been too damn busy but I'm gonna get a car built. Wednesday nights are High School Track night but next week might be free since the daughter's Robotics Team qualified for the World Championships again and won't be running. Fingers crossed I can sneak a night in next week!!
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    My car is ready.
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    I'm planning on running a short race night simulation at Indy tonight. After that we'll open it up for a more casual test and tune. I should have lap counts figured out after tonight and I'll update the OP with more official details later in the week.

    See you guys there.
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    Updated the OP with some additional information. I'll take a look at the calendar and finalize the dates then we'll get this show on the road.
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    Nothing to see here, just some normal racing.

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    Apart from my screwing up the lobby multiple times some good racing on the first night.

    Results are update on the spreadsheet. I'll try to get a few pics up in the next couple of days.
  • I'm sorry I missed it. I'll make a point of being there next week.
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    Hey guys. I'll try to make it to as many of these races as I can, but I'm also racing in another series on Wednesday nights for the next 8 weeks.

    Here's a video of last night's races.

    ...and the "big one" at Indy.
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    Uhhhh, am I supposed to be able see everyone's IP address next to their username?
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    Everything looks nominal here.
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    No you should not be able to see the ip. Should be fixed, thanks for the catch cthom.

    Out of curiosity, what are you using to capture video?
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    I was going to post some pictures but instead, here are a few merciless laps from the back bumper of Dreamer aka "The Corn Thresher".

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    @RenoWrench I streamed to Twitch and then made a highlight of the 2 Homestead races, then exported the highlight to Youtube.
  • This looks awesome, but I don't have the NASCAR pack.... :awesome:

    My nerve/spine shit has finally subsided (hopefully forever) so I'll be looking to get in on the next series.... :awesome:
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    You should build a car crossfire. Homestead was the only race on a dlc track.

    @cthom I kind if figured that's what you did I have yet to find a good way to actually capture real high def video. I typically stream a replay to my PC after the race but it looks pretty bad before I run the final video through Premier.
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    Here's the race from last night. Me and USDMdrifter had a great fight the whole race.

    Also, did the forum have a stroke, or what? Every comment from like the last 2 weeks disappeared.
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    Yes. Forum got hacked after a server migration/clean-up.
    We recommend changing your password just in case.
    Should be all fixed for now, but Reno has other improvements incoming.

    Watched your race last night on YT. Awesome run for both of you.
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    @CT the forum was hacked shortly after the host migrated us to a new sever. They then re-migrated the server (I suspect because of hacking) and I was informed after the fact. That's the point where we lost data. Reason 8,675,943 why we're going to a new host in a few weeks.
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    @feuerdog @RenoWrench

    Alright, I just changed my password. Thanks for the info, guys.
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    Some crazy stuff last night. Spent the whole evening hanging out with CT. Not so great during the first race but the second was some really good racing. I'll have to take a look at the replay and see if I can get a couple of screen shots.
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    Video of both Indy races.

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    FYI Nascar dlc is $5 today. Homestead is worth that.
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