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    The following is time spent with Dan as he gets into the creative spirit for Forza 7.

    I don't recall the time but it was daylight. Sat in a dive bar, it's location irrelevant, three ciders in all followed with Ouzo. Luckily Dan arrived before I was totally out of it.

    He walked in, sandwich bags knotted and taped all about his body. All of these were inflated. Grinning manically at me as he approaches the bar, inhaling out of a bag till there's nothing left. "That was a VW Golf R 2014 exhaust fumes" he's proud in this and continues, "45709 there's no rules I'm starting the journey and you on it with me, take this" ripping the tape from one of the bags and handing me it. "It's a Ford Sierra Cosworth fumes, get it down now and you'll be ready".

    I inhale like it's my last, he's ordering drinks, we do bag after bag of fumes with alcohol chasers. The makes and models blur by like the car passes and endless vehicles in game. All the while he refuses to talk Forza, reassuring me this is part of the process.

    At one point we share a Lotus Élan bag of fumes and that sets him off. "Aaaahhhh lotus frower, you like?" Dan's chinese accent is surprisingly good. We're both laughing. Somethings happened, the bar has either transformed or we are now in a different bar. It's filling up.

    Dan starts hitting on woman telling them "the horse was the first car" other lines about vaginas and traffic cones don't go well. The mood sours when a particularly good looking woman calls him a bell end. Dan hits the roof and bellows "I've met Bill Gates! Bill-fucking-Gates!!!, I've rode a fucking elephant in India and raced on a camel in Australia, I am Forza. I'll shit a steering wheel and piss oil, I've been beyond. My DNA is 50% automobile, I'm evolution, a car god, I've had orgies with exhaust pipes. You fucking Whore, leather fucking seats, vibrators in the glove box, ill jack a car and bring it off!". He stops a can of de-icer in his hand.

    The woman has long since walked off, he sprays the can down his pants. Turning to me he speaks "she's probably a lessa, have you even been pleasured by an airbag? It's fucking amazing. You do know airbags are based on woman's tits. Can you imagine tits that big in your face? True story I know things".

    It must be serval bars now, possibly even days, he's paid for all sorts of woman and for them to do "things". "Fuck me I've got it, I've fucking got it" Dan's excited. I ask him what and he replies with his genius "The next game is going to be called Forza Motorsport 7". His smile so big and I'm blown away. I tell him it's inspired, I'm floored. Dan has done it again, I have to ask him "has it begun?". "Yes 45709 yes and yes, the journey is on, I might even put 7 tracks in this one". I'm blown away by these words, he's innovating now and fast. I suggest more drinks and going outside to suck on a cabs exhaust. We go do just this.
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