Three Track Time Attack

Hi Gang, it's been a while since we did a time attack and I thought to kick of the 2017 time attack season (who knows maybe that will be a thing.)

Here is the idea for this event. We will run three different classes, but there's a catch.

B class FWD cars only
A class RWD cars only
S class AWD cars only

We will run these on three different tracks.

VIR Patriot (short track)
Monza Full(power track)
Watkins Glen Short (well balanced)

You will run the same build for your class on all three tracks.

We have a few days for thoughts and comments, but other then that let's start building and racing.

We will also have a best paint job award. So please post up pictures of your best livery for each class. Paint jobs are due on Feb. 28th.

EDIT: After some testing and tuning and discussion I think we might do a format change. Times will be set in a lobby with other racers. There will be a ten second roll off delay. Fuel and tire damage will be on. Damage will be set to sim. This brings an extra element of risk. Especially on Patriot where there is no pits. On the other tracks if you are damaged you may pit.

Each session will be a 15 minute times session.

Schedule is as follows: I want to coordinate with Crossfire as to not step on the toes of his series, but I'd like to launch this early in February.

Week One. B class cars, on all tracks.

Week Two. A class cars, on all tracks.

Week Three. S class cars, on all tracks.

There will be class winners as well as over all winners.



  • Looks fun! We haven't done one of these in forever!
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    NO TOE STEPPING, You already tasted the wall last night.... :awesome:

    Seriously though, basically Wed night is only night I'm doing the ABC series stuff so whatever is great man!

    If you wanna do this next Wed for this I'm up for it... just lemme know and we will cancel or have on backup the class racing stuff.

    (said no one ever.... :awesome: )
  • I dunno man, I swear you said it last night!
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    Yea I said it and Im gonna back it up too!

    A question though, we have to run the same parts on the car but the actual setup can change between tracks right?
  • Build stays, tune can change. That's my understanding.
  • That's what I did.

    Wagons ho!!
  • B class results are up. Can't wait for week two. Thanks to everyone who ran week one. Looks like Pop is our B class champion.
  • I think your numbers are wrong D. You gave yourself Buffalo's time at Watkins. Your time is almost 3.5 seconds faster there.
  • I had a ball last night. Lookin forward to next week A class with RWD.
  • I was hyped for the B-class runs.

    So hyped I was off my own pace at Patriot by a full second.
    Overall I did better tchan I thought I'd do,... was sure Reno and Open would catch me in the overall.

    No matter though, I'll suck at RWD.
  • So I'm not sure how you'll suck at RWD fdog if your posting times like your TVR on these tracks. :awesome:

    On a different subject.... there are WAY too many cars to pick from for this weeks setup. I literally have 6 cars I really really love but each one does a different track a little better and very few can do all three well. Such is the challenge, which is awesome by the way Dreamer.

    Next week looks to be the audi, subaru, mitsu, nissan, vw cup... :)
  • My Sargaris is actually a bit too grippy.
    But slightly grippy keeps me consistent enough to push harder and shave time.

    Acceleration and braking(lighter weights) help a bunch on Monza and Patriot.
  • I have no idea how I'm going to do. Monza is far from my favorite track. I really found that more than ever an acceleration car is the way to go. Even if you can carry 10 or 15 mph through the corner by the end of the straights you might be down 20 or 30 mph and that is really tough to overcome.

    I'd rather have a longer and more consistent braking zone, which also means you can miss the perfect spot and still recover, instead of a really short braking zone with very little margin for error.

  • Skidding is skidding,... but a braking safety margin is more a function of percentage than absolute distances.
    Even if the braking power is the same a lighter car should be easier to manage and slow better.
    In the end I think it still comes down to finding the right balance of performance attributes for the track itself. No one or two specific characteristics will always prevail.
  • What might be interesting to compute is, instead of a summed timing, a percentage of deviation from the fastest run lap.
    The intent being to find the fastest average.
  • That would be kind of interesting.

    Regarding the braking I think for me I just have an easier time modulating the brakes if I can do it over a longer period of time. I've never been really good at super hard braking. If the car is setup so I can ease into the brakes and slowly trail off I'm ok.

    Really high grip cars where the brakes are a little more binary (where all your braking gets done in a shorter distance or duration) always feel a lot more inconsistent to me. For me it's harder to keep the car balanced in those situations. If that makes sense.

    It's really the area I have to work on so I've been changing up my driving style and adjusting my tuning method.
  • Would also be cool to see what the overall timing is across all classes factored together. Wish popo woulda been racing with us last night....

    From the screenshots I took, it looks like Reno is the winner for A class RWD cars.

    240.678 Reno
    242.604 Fdog
    243.995 Open
    246.049 Privateer
    247.826 Drifter
    250.573 Dreamer
    DNF Pistolpig

    I had a blast as usual. After last nights spectacle, I'm sure everyone's builds will go a different direction next week.... I just love cars, and as long as I like looking at it and can keep it under good control in a crowd, I'll use it even if its a turd. :awesome:
  • S class could get really interesting.

    Kinda funny thing the A class average lap time at VIR was only about 1 second quicker than B class. The gaps for Watkins and Monza were about 5 and 10 seconds.

  • Another option; weight/scale the time based on track length.
    Longer the track lower the value.
  • Ok, this game is kinda retarded.

    It amazes me how its feasable to take a jeep and turbo the shit out if it and turn a faster lap at monza than a supercar like a lambo or gtr. There is absolutely no damn way in real life this is possible.

    The game has a lot of customization options but at the same time it doesnt make it fun when things like this are possible.

    In this challenge horsepower/acceleration is king. A real life drivable car is garbage in comparison. Even if you score a second or two faster at vir it wont overcome a 4 second deficit at Monza. :(
  • I've found Watkins to be the problem track. A pure missle build losses tons of time there. The esses and the big 180 really punish missiles. The straights just aren't long enough to make it up.

    In all the classes so far a car that's a second or so slower at Monza is frequently 2-4 seconds quicker at the Glen.

    I typically ignore tuning for VIR, there's just not enough time to makeup there.
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    I think that's where I screwed up bigly. I focused on VIR early and just haven't been able to shake that mindset. Even after I've changed focus to the bigger tracks, I'm just not finding success building for them.
  • S class is kinda weird. I think you're getting to the edge of the performance envelope so the speed differential between cars isn't quite as great as it is in the lower classes. I think it might be more about drivability this time than absolute numbers.
  • Well i focused on vir as a starting point then adjusted to longer tracks, then usually a setup that works for the glen works decent at vir other than maybe gearing changes.

    What pisses me off is monza is all about pure power and i literally took a willys jeep, threw every part at it, and beat my best time by over 4 seconds uncert and by 2 secs cert; just no tuning - hammer the gas. So it would be easy to pickup even more time if you dicked with it.

    I think I will continue this challenge but am going to add some restrictions to the next race spec series to combat the omgwtfbbq missle shit.
  • I dont mean to come off as upset or mad or whatever, text can be taken so many ways. I love racing with yall.

    Oh and omgwtfbbq might be my next new gamertag. Rofl.
  • Sure. No worries. To be honest I don't recall seeing the Willys on the Leaderboard for Monza so it can't be that fast right? I think the top cars were Lotus Esprit and the Noble? Course those cars were probably not AWD.

    I suspect a grippier car at Watkins could have a big time gap. Maybe big enough to offset the power builds at Monza?
  • I think I'm just struggling with knowing when I have enough grip. There's a fine line where weight, tire compound and width, and power all intersect and I just can't figure it out. This series is just putting that short-coming under a microscope I think.
  • I made the same mistake, I tuned for VIR first, then assumed that consistency would fill the gaps. Nope.

    I ran some practice laps this morning,.... chasing ghosts in Rivals. Not good enough,.... so I ended up doing a rebuild.
    I cut some grip and weight and added power.
    Times on Patriot and Watkins stayed the same. The car is looser, but faster.
    Shaved a full second from Monza with just a 40hp increase.

    In comparison, a full missile built AWD Porsche 930 pumped out a 1:51.x
    My new retweak cranked out a 1:52.x

    I never thought that these tracks would be so diverse in build/tune specifics, but then again that's what's great about time attacks. You have to put work in to get out every last tenth.
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    FWIW my S-class grip rating is 5.9 with strong aero.
    650+hp @ approx 3100lbs
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