Forza 6 Career Mode... Uh, Stupid....

So, maybe I'm missing something.... I tried playing the normal career mode yesterday and from my perspective it is almost unplayable.

I'm used to the 'put you mid pack and have 2 laps to bang your way to the front', thats always been forza but it seems the AI in this game cant drive at all. Unless the track has a long straight early so you can get out in front of them, they end up literally wrecking you mid turn damn near every turn that requires a lot of braking. I even put them on 'new racer' and took the 'agressive' off and its like they rubber band each other so much its stupid to even watch it happen.

Is the game broke or is there a magic setting I've not found? Because the second race at Yas Marina is un winnable for me using no assists or without using a mod to put you on pole position so you dont have to fight through traffic. :angry:


  • I don't think it's more broken than the Forza series has ever been. They still have predictable behavior going into corners so it's easy to divebomb around them. I will say the the higher difficulty seemed to clean up their driving a little bit and turning off agression.

    Short races can be frustrating since you start at such a disadvantage. That being said, I don't think it really matters for career progression if you win the race or not. I could be mistaken.

    I did use the no collision mods in some of the higher PI races since those can become ridiculous. Long Beach is especially bad, I'm not sure they even programmed the AI to actually make it around that track.
  • They are fast on the straights, but terrible in the corners.
    Set the aggression to OFF.
    Set the difficulty to a level that gives you maximum earnings, AND the possibility of placing top 3 or better.
    The amount of racing a completionist needs to do is almost as bad as the amount of time you'll spend in loading screens.
    I said screw that, dumped the difficulty down low and just ran what was fun for me.
    Money will never be an issue if you just play without assists.
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