Wed Night JDM vs GDM

If you guys are interested, I'll try to host a few races over the next few weeks during our normal time Wednesday Night, 10pm EST. Usual rules apply, although I'm posting a heads up now so people can build a few cars to play with saving us lobby time later..... I'll also post this in IG Club on XBL and see if we attract some new comers.

Been asked on XBL quite a few questions about the events, etc... so here is the main stuff....

- We lock all assists to off, with the exception of normal/sim steering and auto/manual clutch.
So basically no braking line, no TCM, no ABS, with Fuel / Tire wear on, only cosmetic crash damage.
- Total time for all races is usually 1 hour (+/- 15min)
- Mics are optional, but if you can at least hear us it'll be easier to coordinate.
- We have fun and race clean, trash talking optional. I personally don't care to finish last if the racing is good.
- You are not locked to any car, you can use a different car each race if you want.
- You must use a car according to the rules below for the JDM v GDM event.
- If your capture reel includes you wrecking and crashing into other cars, don't bother applying to race.. lol

I'll be updating this thread occasionally with new builds and replays/photos of the races. Tracks will vary, but most selections will be the shorter variations just to keep the overall top speed out of play and the racing closer.

Tentative Track List for 1-11-17
- Road Atlanta Club (15 laps)
- Lime Rock Alt (15 laps) (south chicane version at turn5)

- VIR Patriot (15 laps) (if time allows)

Really good website to scout cars, I'm sure everyone knew about but me:


JDM vs GDM Class C Shootout!

In my mind I'm really looking forward to the diversity of this grid and I think it will play out
fantastic to almost spec racing but with a twist... even could lead to a full race series later...
With 37 cars to choose from, I'd love to not see a single duplicate car on the grid.

Bring Your Own German or Japanese car!
The rules are simple:
cars must start in C class and remain in C class, no motor swaps, no drive train swaps.

Target PI = 500

Any Japanese or German car:

Audi (6 cars)
BMW (6 cars)
Mercedes (1 car)
VW (4 cars)
Porsche (2 cars)


Honda (1 car)
Lexus (2 cars) (fm6 says america, but its toyota people.. lol)
Mazda (1 car) (insert open2nd here :D )
Mitsubishi (4 cars)
Nissan (3 cars)
Subaru (6 cars)
Toyota (1car)


  • I don't have anything really planned as of yet. Feel free to host a room or send an invite through LIVE. I'm always down to just hop into some random racing.
  • Sounds great. I'll build some cars.
  • Count me in.
  • Had an absolute blast last night gang! This spec is so fun and so many cars to choose from.... we will continue this with a twist for next week. Very good racing from the front to the back. Hope I can figure out the invite party system next week so we will have more people.

    First Race, Road Atlanta Club

    Second Race, Lime Rock South

    Third Race, VIR Patriot

  • Nice Pop's my man running the 850! I'm working this Wednesday but I'll try and get in on this the week after if it's still running.
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