IG tag and VIR content

Well, got some early christmas gifts that included some xbox live points....

Does everyone have the VIR / porsche pack for the most part? Been reading the forums and the expansion tracks do not show up in public hoppers, only in private games which kinda stinks.... so I guess every race season/league will include VIR for IG races hopefully? hehehe

Also, the new Blizzard Pack for Horizon 3 looks tasty too.... snow and arcade forza sounds like a ton of fun. :awesome:

Finally might have enough left over to make the plunge to be the official Infinite Garage, IG gamertag club member, if thats what everyone is going with from their EXOR tag. If not no biggie though.


  • VIR is awesome. The Porsche pack is pretty good, albeit a little limited in car variety IMHO.

    Open plays FH3 so he might be able to talk about the Blizzard pack. I've only seen the trailer, but it looks fun.

    Regarding IG gamertags. I don't know if anyone's really had a discussion about it at this point. I dropped EXOR from mine in the interest of making it easier to host a room full of newcomers.

    It Just seemed less confusing and every time I'm in a race outside of the IG group everyone calls me EXO since that's what they can see of the gamertag in the HUD I guess.
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