Controller or Wheel?

Just curious as to what everyone is using to control their steed in Forza and other racing games....

I've always used a wheel since I began sim racing in 2005 with GTR on PC. I know I'm no pro by any means, but to me it is just more involved and fun even when your not winning (which is the norm for me :) ). I've tried the controller several times and I can keep the car on track but in no way can push it fast... practice I guess, but that would take wheel time away. :awesome:

Been using the same Playseat since 05 but am in the process of building a better rig using the Sparco chair I already have. The playseat was never designed for a remote gear shifter and it is awkward to say the least, so hopefully I can get a better setup for the H gate when I'm done.

As for the wheel, I'm now using the newer Logitech G920. I've removed the pedals from the board and custom mounted them which helps a ton. A great setup for the money, although I think the Thrustmaster TMX would be as good as long as you got the three pedal optional set instead of the cheesy one thats packaged with it. Both these fail in comparison the Fanatec setup I had for xbox 360, but since nothing ever carries over to new systems I ended up selling my clubsport setup on ebay for a good buck, (although nowhere near what I paid for it).

I may have a chairless playseat setup soon if anyone is interested in it. It would be free of charge, minus shipping... I'll post more about it once I get my other cockpit built. As far as I know, I only plan on using the seat from the package so it will be complete other than the chair. :)


  • So, been running hot laps quite a bit and the wheel is definitely a blast, but also a handicap in its own way... especially on COTA West.

    The BRZ rear dif basically makes it impossible to let go of the throttle completely during a hard brake / downshift. Also figured out doing manual clutch makes the car about .750 per lap faster just because of some secret force of horsepower shifting with a button press. LOL

    Why don't I heal toe it? Well this particular car is basically on ice if you let go of the throttle completely and it very hard to recover with a wheel. Fun to try and play, but in no way competitive or even safe for other drivers around you to play this way. So I basically mapped a clutch button to the controller so I can stay on the brake and throttle.

    I'll hopefully be able to stay with the pack in tonights race... :) B)
  • Honestly, I think many of the cars feel out of shape if you hop off the throttle under braking.

    Personally, I feel it's not so much getting off the throttle but how smoothly you lift off. I remember left foot braking all the time when I had a wheel (and I do on the controller as well) it really stabilizes all the cars.

    Also the clutch has been a bunch of BS since day one but i think we might be stuck with it since it's been unchanged since maybe FM3 or 4?
  • I haven't been able to do much racing lately, but I went to a wheel setup due to some nerve issues in my hands and arms constantly pressing down triggers. I went with a TM TX wheel, 458 GTE rim, TH8A shifter all tied in to modified G27 pedals using a Ricmotech adapter. Looking at adding in a loadecell brake mod soon. My main reason for this setup was so that I can run on both XboxOne and PC. I don't think it makes me any faster (especially in my mid to rear pack positioning) but it sure is a lot more fun... not to mention less painful on my arm.

  • Just postin a shot of the helm, this is what the view looks like from mid-pack to backmarker.... :awesome:

    The wife makes me goto the basement for my 'playroom' because this is so childish. She has no idea how much money this saves me from real car mods and trackdays..... for now... muhahah :lol:
  • You're not helping me out here. I've been debating grabbing the Logitech since you brought it up. It's on sale for $90 off right now on Amazon..
  • I say do it, but I have to say if I had it to do over again, I'd went with the TMX setup instead.

    The wheel, pedals and shifter feel great after I took out the conical brake mod, and basically disassembled the pedal board to hard mount them the way I wanted.

    However, this wheel has an issue with the paddle shifters not working when the wheel is rotated. That can be bad trying to upshift or downshift if you plan on racing an indy car or similar. From what I understand they all have this issue eventually and mine already does it on the left paddle. Its under warranty, but from reports the replacement wheels do it too. I use the H gate, and there is a simple mod for it to use it for sequential up/down online that I'll be applying for R and up class cars.

    If I can get a couple years of use on this, I'll be happy.... but I'll be replacing it with the setup phantom described above; maybe using the tp3pro pedals instead of the logitech ones though. Just too bad the damn Fanatec stuff is $1500.... :angry:

  • Cross, do you know if the TM setup will work with the Fanatec CSP v1s and the first gen H Shifter? That might be a possible route, but I'm not finding much in searching.
  • No it does not...unless ricmotech makes an adapter for it. AFAIK, The TM setup only works with other Thrustmaster stuff. The best buy is from gamestop... they have a TMX Pro set for $249 that includes the good pedals and wheel... just add the shifter. You'd have about 350 in everything that way; pretty much what I have in my g920.

    Its not quite as good as the TM servo base setup, but definitely as good as the g920 is not better since its buttons doesnt seem to f up.

    Also see a new Fanatec CS wheel/servo xbone setup on ebay for half price for the new stuff.... very tempting, but I told myself I would never pay that much again for sim stuff when I could put parts on my real cars.... lol
  • There's some adaptor that allows the shifter and pedals to work for pc, so far as I can figure, but still not seeing anything about compatibility for the xb1..
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    I posted up here about my TM TX and then the damn thing died. :-( Don't know if it's the cold weather in combination without much usage (though it stays plugged in and connected) or what that did it in. Now I got to figure out what to do but I may wait it out a bit. Overall I got into my setup as a pretty good deal so I'm not too upset overall, but I need to figure out where to go from here.

    As for an adapter, BasherBoards CPX ( should do the trick to connect your CSP v1's to the TX Base and I'm pretty sure it will work for both PC and XB1. Most likely would need to trade out the Fanatec Shifter for a TM one though. I see that this new adapter works with the CSL Elite Pedals (w/loadcell) which is what I wanted to go with but didn't know if there was an adapter for the TM TX Wheel Base.

    If I can confirm the BasherBoard setup works with both PC and XB1, I think I'll pull the trigger on the CSL Elite Pedals (w/load cell) and a new TM TX Servo Base. Maybe I can find a way to fix my current base and sell off that whole setup to help offset my costs (or use to pick up a 599 Alcantara Rim.)
  • Thats the problem with the TX from the internet reports.... sorry Phantom.

    One hand is the g920, works great as for longevity, but the damn paddles stop working.
    The other is the TX and it works great until it just dies.... life expectancy is less than a year with normal usage from what I gather online.

    I'm happy overall with the g920 since I use the shifter, but it does kinda suck these are the only options other than the $1500 Fanatec setup xb1 has at the moment. :(
  • How tough is it to split one of those open and fix the paddles? I'd imagine there are a number of DIYs out there at this point.
  • Its not bad to take apart from the videos but its in the wiring harness and not the buttons themselves. Its like they didnt allow enough slack to allow the wheel to turn without binding the wires from what i understand. :shrug:
  • The last few comments have me rethinking a buy at this point then. If there are lifespan issues with both the affordable wheels, I'm going to wait and see what Fanatec announce to coincide with FM7, if anything.
  • Yea, definitely seems like a fairly common problem on the TX in the past (not sure on current ones). If the Fanatec Wheel was Bullet Proof I'd be less afraid of going that route with the price, but I could replace several TX Bases for the price difference... assuming they die post warranty.

    I had a G27 to start with and it just didn't feel as smooth as the TX (plus was PC only) and I don't regret going to the TM. It was a nice feeling setup. I also picked it up used (supposedly only lightly) at a pretty decent price so I'm pretty ok with it. I'm not opposed to grabbing a new base and seeing how it fairs.

    If it goes out in less than two years at that point and I'm putting in a lot more use with it, then I might look at jumping up a bunch. I just don't run enough to justify a big expenditure at this point.

  • I'm debating whether I want to do a wheel for the next Forza. I've sort of got the space for it if I'm efficient. I just need to decide if I want the added complexity. There's no way I'm in for a Fanatec that's serious money I think I'd rather spend somewhere else.
  • If your debating I say do it, the game is WAY more involving with a wheel, but also more difficult if you plan on doing no assists totally. I've seen controller users on a wheel get really pissed at the learning curve if you don't have patience or past experience with a wheel.

    The thing for me was when I switched to a wheel I had it hard mounted to a computer desk (playing GTR and rFactor) and it killed my back with the pedals in the floor and using a computer chair since our races were 1.5 hours long. The playseat definitely helped all that, but most of those setups are $300 plus now. I was able to get a classic over 10 years ago closeout at Walmart for $99 so I jumped on that. The upgrade I just built is a lot better, but it doesnt have much adjustments so if someone isnt my size they cant use it.

    I guess what I'm saying is plan on building or buying a 'cockpit' because I could literally race for hours without any ass or back pain.

    As far as a wheel, now that I'm hooked on this shit again I would've probably went with a TX modular setup overall like Phantom has. You could go with the Gamestop TMX Pro setup for $249 and at least have the good pedals and add the shifter, then when the wheel broke you could just buy the TX servo and rim seperately. From what I understand the motors overheat and die, so use a lower FF setting (like 50%) in Forza and they last longer.

    The Fanatec I had for the 360 was superior in everyway, but there is no way I'm spending $1k+ on a wheel when real car parts can be had... :awesome:
  • Seriously, Fanatec money is about half my budget for a new motorcycle so that's out. I've still got the pieces from my 360 wheel setup. It all really depends on what FM7 is like to be honest.
  • I am looking into a TX servo base custom combo,.... maybe for the end of 2017.
  • Got my new TX Base installed and some quick initial settings configured (I need to spend some quality time going through wheel settings and the individual game settings). Went ahead and grabbed a loadcell brake mod kit for my G27 pedal set instead of going to some Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals due to budget constraints. Now to tear open the pedal set and get the load cell swapped in. Hopefully I have everything back together fairly soon.
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