BRZ/GT86 Spec Series Signup, Schedule and Results

I've put together a nearly stock D class spec for both cars and I thought we'd run a night of testing (or two) then throw together a quick series over the Holidays.

I've updated the series information below. This one is pretty casual. I'll keep track of the standings but no real requirements other than showing up with the right car and having a good time. The number of laps we're running are up in the air right now but plan on about 45 min to an hour of racing (not counting typical BS in the lobby waiting for people to ready up etc.)

2013 Subaru BRZ or 2013 Toyota GT86
Build specs are here:

Shedule: All races start at 7PM PST

Date Track Laps
December 7 Sonoma Short TBD
December 14 COTA West TBD
December 21 Sebring Short TBD
December 28 VIR (variant TBD) TBD

Link to the sign up form:

Updated Results!
Link to the results:


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    Built one up and ran it around.
    Started a paint job.

    She's loose and/or pushy depending on how aggressive/smoothly you drive.
    When you ARE smooth it can be nicely balanced by feathering the throttle, or just carefully rolling into it.
    It basically feels like a stock suspension.

    I put a sport trans in, since it wasn't a restricted part.
    Ings body parts ftw.
    Wheels and driveshaft tuned to 400.

    My druthers.....
    I'd love to have something, anything to adjust, to dial out some of the push.
    A diff and sport springs would do wonders. It might even still squeeze into D.
    I'd run stock compound tires too, but add width/diameters as desired.
  • Sport trans doesn't make too much difference. There isn't much torque, and 6th is a tall OD.
    Top speed is around 155mph, but you'll need a strong tail wind to get there.

    Down low you're either banging through gears with a 4.60 rear, or bogging around with a 4.10
    A 4.40 works well with all six gears.
    A 4.10 would only touch 6th on very long pulls.
    A 5 gear tune might work well.
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    Rebuilt the car with boring non-aero, and boring stock trans.
    I took the fancy paint job I'd done off, and put a more suitable boring version on.
    I tested the boring non-tune for some reason, and found that dropping the front tire pressures down a couple of psi proved an uninspiring amount of improved turn-in response to this mundanely stock chassis.
    I then passed out from complete boredom and smacking my head on the coffee table on the way to the floor.
    I lay catatonic in the floor for about 20 minutes until I realized I had missed something amazing happening right before my eyes.
    Latex paint.
    It occurred to me that latex wall paint stayed flexible for many many years after application and that maybe, just maybe, our freshly painted apartment walls were still in the process of curing on some subatomic level.
    My levels of excitement climbed as I locked my gaze to the wall and waited.
    This was a challenge I would not soon lose.
  • Ha! You're such a hater!

    As you might have guessed the idea is that it's not a tuning challenge. We'll run some this Wed. and see what people think I've played around with a few other builds.

    Stock tire, more width, stiffer springs and lighter weight - still reasonable to drive but to be honest adding width is not a good idea at this level. It automatically builds in stagger which just makes the push worse. Basically it removes any of the liveliness that was there.

    Personally, aside from not being fast it's pretty decent to drive. Much more forgiving than the E30 at a similar spec and easily balanced on throttle.

    All that being said I've also updated the OP with an alternate C class build that is substantially more sporty.
  • I'm gonna run another test night on Wednesday. I'll post up details today.
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    Anymore info on this series? Track list, schedule, changes.. :)


    This car is very very ass happy downshifting or lifting off throttle. I predict a lot of ass poundings in turn 1a up the hill because this puppy is loose as crap unless you input brake and throttle evenly. Should be a good time for sure. Lol
  • Updated OP with the details. I'll be posting on various other places to try and get people together.

    Let me know if you have any questions.
  • Updated OP with a link to the results page.
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    Yeah, sorry about the image issue Crossfire. I'm still working on a reasonable solution that doesn't use up all our server space and is relatively easy to deal with for users.

    That being said, some great pics and a lot of good racing last night! OP is updated with current results. Looks like it would take an absolute miracle for either myself or Arsenal to catch Open for the overall points.

    See you guys next week and if I don't see you before have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or whatever other Holiday you might be celebrating. =)
  • Congrats Casey on the win man!

    Hate i missed the last race but i have VIR in my inventory now for next time. Looking forward to the next series!
  • Yeah congratulations to our fastest ginger Open2nd for winning the whole dang thing. =)

    Results are updated so the link in the OP should be current. I don't know about everyone else but I had some great battles on just about every night of the series.
  • Thanks guys. Double thanks to Reno for the fun spec and hosting duties.
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