Shelby Challenge Testing

Wanted to test a spec out with you guys tonight.

Shelby Cobra 427 A|700

Air Filter - Race
Intake - Race
Exhaust - Race

Brakes - Race
Springs - Race
ARBs - Race
Roll Cage - Race
Weight - Race

Tranny - Sport
Driveline - Use to hit PI A|700
Differential - Race

Compound - Sport
F Width - 235
R Width - 265
Rim Style - Use to hit PI A|700
F/R Rim Size - 16

Front - Race
Rear - Race

Install the parts listed first, then use the Rim Style and Driveline options to max out PI A|700.


  • Pretty fun cars, man do they feel fast. I'm not sure how good they'll be for a series though. They're not very forgiving and they're a little tough to drive in a pack because of it.
  • I somehow missed this build. Looks fun, going to try and build one this week.
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