AE86 N Spec -Test-

A simple series inspired by the Japanese Toyota AE86/85 N spec cars.

Toyota AE86 Trueno
Engine mods- ALL Sport
(stock NA engine 248hp)
Handling mods- ALL Race
Drivetrain mods- ALL Sport
Aero- Adjustable Front and Rear
Tires- Maximum width Racing
Wheels- 14" Only(adjust type to B600)

Tuning notes-
Final drive gearing seems best around 4.50
Aero tuning works best around 80front/120rear
Springs are decent around 280~350 allowing curb riding.
Top speed is about 140mph

It's grippy and thrashable. A fun car to flog hard on smaller tracks, but can still crank out sub 8 minute Nawesome runs.

I'd like to continue to "fun run" it for a couple of weeks, and maybe run some time trails.

After my vacation in September maybe we can do a short series.
My early thought was that I'd like to do a custom "spec-tuned" car to remove tuning advantages.
Also, maybe a fixed paint scheme with custom number/colors?


  • Sounds like fun. Not normally a car or build that I'd run but they've been pretty fun so far. We've managed some pretty close racing for the last couple of nights.
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    OK, I have a list of tracks I'd like to run for the series. It should be fast and furious. Mostly short course stuff.

    This Wednesday I'd like to run a trial night to gauge interest and run times.

    I'll share my tweaked tune some time this week for those who just want to show up and drive.
  • I'm down for wherever you want to run those cars, they're pretty fun. I'm gonna miss the test and tune the next shit show, I mean presidential debate is on Wednesday so we're having a dinner/drinking party. :p
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