Forza Horizon 3 : Australia Wide, All States

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This whole thing is in my home state of Victoria.

*EDIT* : Scrap that, it is mostly Victoria, but map now confirms at least one region from every state.

I can't believe someone has put this into action after all the times I've dreamed and spoken hypothetically about it.

12 Apostles, The Great Ocean Road, Yarra Glen, Wandin East, The Black Spur, Mt Toolebewong Rally Stage. I can see it all in this brief trailer.



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    From -

    "Untitled New Forza

    A new Forza game is scheduled to make an appearance at this year's E3. It's unclear if it's a new entry in the Motorsport or Horizon series, or if it's a part of a completely new franchise sub-series altogether. However, Microsoft has made it clear that we'll be getting more details on the next Forza during its E3 2016 briefing."

    They've been saying for years now that a third sub-set apart from Motorsport and Horizon was on the way. What do you guys reckon? Are we going to get details on that? Or do you think it'll just be about Apex?
  • Huh, haven't heard the rumors of a third For(t)za. Maybe something rally related? I would expect their announcement would be about Horizons. Isn't this a horizons year?
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    Yes you have, Reno, because I've personally mentioned it to you several times, lol. Yeah, I think it is a Horizon year.
  • Well you can't just start a rumor and claim it's a real rumor. ;)
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    Forza Horizon 3. Set in VICTORIA. That's right, the whole thing is in my home state and includes at least 3 roads that I grew up driving on.
  • It looks pretty, might be worth checking out.
  • I was told there would be Kangaroos
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    There are roos at the start of the video, mate. I'm impressed that at one point, a whole bunch of Crimson Rosellas take off into the air after a car startles them and they're actually somewhere where those are the most common roadside birds.
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    So what you're saying is that you are a "soft maybe" on getting this.

    I'm putting you down for maybe.
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    Multiple posts are awe some.
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    Where is everyone else on this Horizons ... is it 3

    I-G buy, maybe, pass list

    Pistol = soft maybe
  • Personally, it's probably unlikely for me but you never know if there's a strong demo I might pick it up.

    I don't think I've ever picked up a sandbox/openworld driving game (unless GTA is a driving game, kinda debatable) they really aren't my thing.
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    Auction House confirmed. Let's hope it makes its way back into the Motorsport branch of Forza.
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    Reno, now that we know this WAS FH3 and I made another thread for that, could you possibly delete this one?
  • Threads have been merged.
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    It's a hard maybe for me.

    I did like and play Horizon 2 go a bit, but few of "us" played it so it fell by the wayside.

    I like open world racing.
    The promotion of the off-road vehicles is interesting too.
    The Aussie terrain looks fun.

    I want to see more, before I decide.
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    I'm in. Targa Australia(Victoria?) in Horizon 3 will be a series, if enough buy.
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  • Hard to imagine what might be able to fit in between Forza and Horizons. It seems like they've got car stuff covered.

    I'm not sure how I feel about an esports push. Somehow I think they'd be more likely to go with the wall-riding-no-damage model we've seen them do in the past and not the iracing route.

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    Open, the confusion with the Victoria vs All of Australia thing is that everything they showed in the E3 trailer was Victoria.

    We now know from looking at the (really weird convoluted) map, that 90% of it is in Victoria, with the other 10% made up of the dev's favourite locations from the rest of Australia.

    The map is totally unrealistic, but the regions within it are all real locations, if that makes sense.
  • Has anyone played this one yet? I'd like to know what the review is...thx.
  • Been playing. It's basically what Need for Speed's 2015 game should have been.

    Lot of fun imo, but I see you've played some, saw your drivatar running around with a couple levels on it. Thoughts?
  • i like this game. It reminds me of need for speed underground 2 but a ton more fun.

    Realism out the window, online racing is basicaly a v12 awd swap for 1500hp in everycar but with a normal group I really enjoy the goliath race a lot.

    Its a solid car game and a good buy for a fun game
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