There's a what expansion?!?

NASCAR expansion.

You heard it here. A ton of Chevys. A lot of Toyotas. And two Fords.

And Homestead-Miami Speedway. That has around 50 strings. Including the whole oval in the rain. Even though they don't race ovals in the rain. Cause its dangerous.. but whatevs.

Words and comments like

(Cut and Paste) I'm not getting it


(Cut and Paste) WHoooooo!!!! I can't wait to spend my $20 paycheck on THAT!!!!!

Go down there \/


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    I like the look of all the little changes being made to the main game alongside the expansion.
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    All the changes in the update are a long time coming. The nearby car indicators are alright, they get a little funky when a car is right next to you but they seem pretty decent in helping you know if you're going into a situation and there's overlap between two or more cars.

    The drafting seems relatively unchanged except that there is now some kind of rumble to let you know where you are in the draft. It might be more powerful now or I could just be imagining it.

    As for the expansion. The NASCAR's feel pretty good. Lots of sidewall gives them the ability to hammer the curbs without getting too upset. They're really chuckable and much more nimble than NASCAR in previous For(t)za's. The new track(s) might be cool, I've only run the oval so far so I don't really know.
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    I was meh about the $20, and didn't care so much about Nascar, but a new track with infield courses sold me.

    Homestead is short and sweet, smooth, fast, and oddly very bright due to the sun baked asphalt/concrete track surface.

    The proximity indicators do help situational awareness, but I don't trust them yet. I want to test them more.

    I ran 25 laps on the oval in a Nascar this morning,.... there is definitely a more tangible rumble when dropping in/out of a draft.

    I blew $16 at Taco Bell today for lunch/dinner,... so $20 for a Forza track isn't too bad.

    Nascars can be fun with friends,.....?
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