E30 Spec series

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It's been awhile since we've had any kind of organized events so we'll try to get back into the swing of things with something easy and fun. The goal is to have some fun and shake off the cobwebs.

If I get clever maybe I'll figure out how to embed a google doc. Until then click the link to get the car specs for the upcoming E30 series.

Check out the car spec here: Spec E30 Build
(feel free to do any limited tuning, I've posted by current tuning numbers in the spec sheet but by no means are they a restriction/requirement)

Click here to signup

We'll make it easy and run two races per night plus an optional fun race/races as the evening devolves into its usual BS session.

As per usual we're running on Wednesday nights at 7pm PST. Take a look at the schedule below. We're going to be running three official race nights with an additional test night before the series starts. I'm around most nights so if you want to do some testing let me know.


3/25Official test night???
4/1Road America???
4/8Road Atlanta Full???
4/15Laguna Seca???

Right now I'm still debating how many laps to run per race.

Post your comments below and I'll be updating the OP as I get the details sorted out.

Everyone is welcome, tell your friends!


  • Ok... think I got a rig built for this.
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    What the hell track is "Road America Alt"? lol, I don't even know basic bits of info about Forza 5.
  • Strict enforcement of ARB rates and Tyre Pressures hey? That's a new one, Reno. I'll make one of these later today. :-)
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    Nah, those are just the numbers my current tune has. I need to actually set down and finalize this.
  • What sort of lap times were you seeing at Laguna, Dreamer?
  • Btw, love the car, Reno. Mine is all decked out in Group A Bathurst Conquering Benson and Hedges livery. It's a sweetie to drive too. Just a liiiiittttlllleee too oversteery under brakes, but I'm getting used to it.
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    It is one of the best cars in the game when in stock trim and the spec build just feels even more balanced and predictable IMHO.
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    More details posted in the OP plus there is now a signup link.
  • I built the car! Eager to be racing with you guy's again!
  • Put my rig together for a test session yesterday to make sure I'm ready to go on Wed. Gotta say for the E30... I'm going to need some help in taming the tail! I feel sorry for anyone anywhere close to me on the track.
  • Good running with everyone again and fun to have a few new folks. Hopefully a few more of the old blood can find their way on over as well as some new.

    I need to put in a crap ton more laps but it was fun none the less. A little bit tricky car still but I was getting a little more used to it.
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    Yeah, I had a good time. I'm going to send out a few more emails to people on my friends list and see if we can get a couple more guys in the room.
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    Need a backmarker for tonight? I been missin' my Exor fix for some time now....
  • How far back there were you DK (didn't see you)?
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