Brief Drive Reviews on the main page

Just a note about the main Infinite-Garage site.

A long time ago now, Dreamer very generously offered to allow me to publish my car reviews to the site. Life being as it is, it wasn't long after that, that circumstances led to me doing bugger all in the way of car reviews.

Long story short, guys, I don't have as much time, nor as much vehicle availability as I used to. So I can't do full in-depth car reviews and comparisons the way I used to.

I do still semi-frequently get to drive some new cars through my old contacts (usually only for 2 to 3 hours instead of a week), so I'm trying to stick some Brief Drives(if you will) on the main site. Just a heads up that I'm going to try to provide some content, albeit not the full proper reviews of the past. So please add the main page back into your rotation and make sure to visit it.

For instance, today I wrote about the 2016 Audi TT S :

Dreamer, Reno, I hope I haven't overstepped my bounds posting this.


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